4 comments on “Some Things Never Change…

  1. haha nice to see Darkfall has its share of whiners 🙂

    I see it in fallen earth where melee players are complaining that ranged have an unfair advantage….. I mean come on, seriously?!

    • Every MMO has it’s share of whiners. I try to avoid the official game forums just for that reason but there is such a lack of good Darkfall info out there that I have to read the forums. I hold my nose everytime I jump in.

  2. Hi there. Found your blog through KillThat Cheerleader.

    This was an interesting post, though I’m amazed that even a supposedly hardcore (my word for it is “non-newb-friendly”) MMO like Darkfall would have whiners who haven’t even seen the changes made to the game.

    Reminds me of the thing about The Old Republic’s Companions where people were going all nuts on it without even seeing the game yet.

    • Heh, I think the hardcore folks whine even more than the casuals. For hardcore players it’s “life or death” whereas for the casuals it’s just something they will have to overcome until the pendulum swings the other way.

      Thanks for stopping by Stillwater, I love your blog, especially as LotRO is my second MMO of choice right now.

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