4 comments on “Allods Online Impressions

  1. Nice one, its a game I’ve been keeping tabs on from afar… the little hamster dudes look awesome. I mean come on who doesnt wanna pawn some other players with a pack of cute rabid hamsters?!

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  3. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my Gibberling Seer (Psionicist) triplets. Yes, the story isn’t anything all that spectacular in the grand sweeping strokes, but some of the writing for quests and conversations have a definite “voice”, and it’s been fun to see what the game denizens say. So far, it’s just been fun to play, and in the end, that’s the key for me.

    I’ll definitely play it on release, at any rate. They may even earn some money from me.

    • Yeah, the Legion side is pretty good as well. I went ahead and leveled a character up to level 8 on the Legion side and the city is very impressive over there. One thing that interests me is the difference in initial quest layout between the Legion and the Empire. On the Empire side, all initial quests are done in the main city, so there are higher levels folks running about and the area is highly populated. By contrast, the Legion side’s initial questing takes place on a “noobie” island, thus everyone is around your area.

      It is two very different takes on low leveling and it is interesting to see both of them in one game. Contrast that to Aion, which has nearly identical leveling experiences for both sides.

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