5 comments on “Astral Ship Battles and Wouldn’t it be Funny?

  1. hmm very interesting, Im definately going to have to try this at some point. My main worry would be they are trying to be over ambitious and complex but hey I’ll wait before I pass judgement.

    Fingers crossed the cash shop doesnt impact on the gameplay too much but hey they will need to make their money someway.

    Anyway nice article you have perked my interest a little more.

  2. Puzzle Pirates has had great ship combat for ages. If AO can tap into even a slice of that and bring it to 3D, they will have some great gaming on tap.

    • It certainly is an ambitious design. I would doubt any MMO could do it, much less a free one, had I not played the game already and saw how well they did the early game experience. Hopefully, they can keep up with that high standard throughout the leveling experience, into the endgame and on into the Astral. If they do, and they do not let the cash shop ruin it, they have a real winner here.

  3. From everything I seen and information from Russian players the cash shop is supposed to be well done. None of the items available make the game imbalanced if you don’t purchase them, they are convenience items that most people will probably want to pick up eventually. Items like larger bags, a bigger bank vault, respecs, perfumes, costumes, treasure chests and keys are the offerings I’ve seen from the shop so far. the Community Manager for Allods gave an interview the other day saying that they were well aware of how important it was for the cash shop to be done right, so I have high hopes that it will be implemented well.

    I am eagerly awaiting CB3 and can’t wait to see how PvP shapes up in Allods. If it’s done well and the Astral ship combat is as great as it sounds, Allods is poised to have my gaming attention and my wallets attention for a good long while.

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