2 comments on “Back after the holidays and playing more Allods!

  1. I agree with you’re assessment whole heartedly. I was not expecting this much substance from a f2p game. Maybe I associate all f2p mmo’s with the myriad of spam and pop-up ad’s I see for the cookie cutter anime f2p mmo’s. I generally wave them off as trivial and a waste of my limited game time. I am certainly glad I didn’t with Allod’s.

    I am also playing a Paladin (lvl26 Kanian Crusader) in beta and let me tell you it just get’s better with time. I’ve started using a light dps spec with a paired sword/dagger and the dps you can dish out is pretty impressive. Until we got the items to respec I had a pretty solid tank build that did respectable damage as well if you had a 2hander equiped. Best advice I can give is to grind out the rep in a new zone as quick as you can, the gear upgrades make a huge difference to you’re performance.

    Keep up the good work with the blog, I enjoy my stop’s here on my daily blog stroll. Hopefully we can face off in the Holy Lands when the game launches, or you could defect to the League and we could be allies. ^^

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