3 comments on “I hate the new WoW LFG system. I hate it.

  1. hmm I agree yet I dont agree, dont ask me to explain it better than that.

    Wows a really strange one for me atm, I do love how its so accessible and indeed fun but the Cataclysm and subsequent Worgen announcement just halted any plans for progression on my toons. Why? because I dont feel the need to grind x ammount of emblems on my Paladin when I know i’ll be dropping him like a stone for a Worgen Rogue.

    One thing I will say is I think it will be interesting to see the LFG mechanism when Cataclysm launches. Will there be the same need to have it cross server? I dont think so but lets wait and see.

    • That is one big problem with WoW. People find their desire to play diminish greatly when an expansion is on the horizon. It is part and parcel of WoW’s expansion design. Before TBC I was part of one of the best guild’s I have ever been in and one of the best on my server, Mal’Ganis. Des Sanct was the name and it was an awesome guild. We were downing content at a rapid pace, despite getting a very, very late start. We were motoring a long just fine.

      Then TBC drew near and the entire guild fell a part. Looking back, I know the reason was simply because everyone knew that anything we worked hard to get, would be totally obsolete soon after TBC release. Why work for something when it is replaced by some easy quest after the expansion.

  2. While I can see your point that it has change a lot of the dynamic of WoW, it all depends on what people want to do. People have always been camped in the capital cities, so I doubt that 3.3 really changed that. I personally able to spend more time out in the world because I don’t have to sit in a capital city spamming trade and LFG channels to run heroics. I’m much happier not sitting in lagran. I’m sorry that 3.3 doesn’t seem to be your cup of tea.

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