3 comments on “Why adding a third factions to WAR won’t work and why “fleshing” out Klingons is doomed to fail as well.

  1. i’ll disagree with the 3rd faction thing, imo its the ONLY thing that can save WAR. Yes there will be a mass exodus in some guilds etc but this would be counterbalanced by an increase in past subscribers returning or even new players wishing to check it out. WAR needs drastic changes like this or it will indeed die out in the long term.

    Take WoW as an example with the introduction of new races with the up and coming Cataclysm expansion, I used to be horde but faction changed to alliance due to wanting to play as Worgen, and hey I know I wasnt the only one. Again this will be balanced out naturally by people going the other way.

    As for STO nothing surprises me with Cryptic, I tried to defend them when in beta for Champions Online but soon became aware I was fighting a losing battle (I ended up not even buying the game). They really need to give themselves a shake and stop making statements they cannot and will not live up to.

  2. I have only one quibble: you’re assuming that Cryptic has the slightest control over the release date. It’s Atari that’s publishing and largely financing the game. Atari set the release date. And Atari, unfortunately, probably doesn’t care.

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