11 comments on “How I would have designed Allods Online.

  1. Hey There –

    My name is Kate Olmstead and I am the Community Manager for Allods Online. I just discovered you blog and have thoroughly enjoyed seeing what you have to say, especially about Allods Online. I would love it if we could possibly arrange an exclusive interview, walk-through, or even a small beta key giveaway. Feel free to send meMy email is kolmstead at gala-net dot com.

    I look forward to hearing back from you and seeing what we can arrange!


    • Wow! My blog noticed by Allods devs! Amazing! I might get an ego from this! 🙂

      Nah, in all seriousness, I would love to help you folks out with an interview, walk-thru or giveaway. I have sent you an email, let me know what you want to do and I will get back to you!

      Thanks again, Kate!

  2. Interesting idea, I think having three factions would be a great way to balance things out. I really wish more games would take a more DAOC view of factions. FFXI also had a nice faction system (although it mattered less since it was not a pvp game), but it had 3 main cities of which you could choose one as you’re “home”. It really helped you develop a sense of identity in the game.

    If you are going for a WWII feel, where are the Japanese and Italians?

  3. Three factions would be interesting. I still think they should push the ships, though; the Astral is really what sets the lore, geography and gameplay apart in my mind, and ships are a huge part of that. Squirreling them away in the endgame and only for groups doesn’t do them justice.

    • I would really like to see personal Astral Ships. Maybe more maneuverable than the large ships but with less firepower, used mostly for travel between allods. I have no problem with them being used mostly at end game. Let’s face it, there has to be something at endgame to work toward and Astral ships are a big something. Plus, I find the rest of the game so good, maybe a bit derivative but still excellent, that I can have fun leveling without the ships.

      • Oh, I don’t mind the big ships being stuck in the endgame for the raiding crowd, I just see ships as being important to the Allods IP, and it’s a shame that they aren’t more pervasive in the gameplay. Smaller ships would fit the bill nicely, even if they are only available after level 15 or something like that to make them a midgame goal.

        Smaller ships could also round out the crafting suite, by allowing players to set themselves up as merchants.

        …I’ll admit to being spoiled by Puzzle Pirates.

  4. while I like your idea for making a third faction, and including werewolves in it, but seriously, Nazi germany themed? I have an EXTREME dislike of anything Nazi related, even if it leaves out the holocaust (the hitler-stache on the orc being an example)
    Lets try something else, something more…tribal to fit in with the theme of orcs and werewolves.

    • The “tribal” thing has been done to death in MMOs, witness WoW’s orcs and Tauren, Darkfall’s Mahirim et. al. I fully understand having an extreme dislike of anything Nazi, any right minded individual would however, having a WWII-Era German feel to the Orcs in Allods is no different than having playable German troops in WWII Online or Battlefield 1942. Or, for that matter, a charismatic SS Commander in Inglorious Basterds.

      This is entertainment nothing more. Using a Nazi motif when designing a faction does not mean you or glorifying Nazis, no more than having the Soviet feeling Empire means you are glorifying the Soviet Union.

  5. They have released a new patch with many updates. Of these updates they have reduced the FvF PvP to a flag system and added a hour debuff when you die. The community is no pleased and the forums are very active in response.

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