5 comments on “Let’s compare and contrast, shall we?

  1. Excellent analysis post; great work!

    Do you have access to the Astral Ships and World PvP in the Allods Beta? I’m very curious to hear more about these aspects of the game.

  2. Allods also benefits from being the latest in a series of games that have built up the lore and world history. They aren’t as big as the Warcraft series, to be sure, but the devs have probably had ideas stewing for a decade or more. Alganon just looks like a quick entry into the “me too” parade of WoW wannabes.

  3. +1 for the post, very much enjoyed the compare and contrast of these games.

    I’d seen Alganon reviewed months ago by another bloger and couldn’t believe it. The developers didn’t try at all to hide the fact that they stole nearly everything straight from WoW. It’s almost like they copied it as a joke, but the punchline to their joke is charging for the game and a sub fee. I would never support a company like this and I can only hope other gamers agree with me and we can celebrate this games closing in the near future.

    • I agree and from what I have heard it should not be long. I heard that last saturday, during prime time, there were 31 people on….total. A MMO can not survive with that few people, so it should not be long.

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