11 comments on “Allods Psionicist: The strangest, craziest, most insanely weirdest class I have ever played….but possibly also the coolest.

  1. Yeah, i started this class (also because it was reportedly the least popular, i’m a rebel) And i’m liking it more than the warden, brawler, magus, or shaman.. at least for the first few levels i’ve played so far.

    The instant-cast for Mental link is huge, because it’s one of the few(?) spells that gets pushed back when you are hit. So i pretty much (at this level) spam Psionic Blast or whatever it’s called, until i proc the instant, then ML and erase memory (massive nuke).

    another reason i picked it was because of the gibberling character hovering and pointing at his googly eyes. too cute.

  2. oh. and one thing i didn’t get at all was when you establish a mental link you open up a secondary toolbar in the middle with three abilities: a stun, a nuke and a dot. there are no useful tooltips … and these abilites don’t exist in your spellbook. what are they? are they always the same? can you train them better?

  3. Just a few clarifications:
    1) The stun from astral echo (the proc when mind link) lasts for 3-4 secs and it is a real paralyze effect that the mob cannot attack and does not break on damage.
    2) Using psychic shock (channeled DD skill) has a chance to proc heightened perception buff which makes your next mental link insta cast. Also if the target dies while it is mind linked you also get the buff, however, if the target dies through “Erase conciousness”, which breaks the link, you will not get the buff.
    3) another major role of the pscionist is BUFFING. They have 2 awesome group buffs in their ruby-trees. One buffs run speed and melee stats, the other buffs caster stats.

  4. Also, psionists have a bit higher survivability than mages since they get to wear leather armor at level 20.

  5. I started a Psionicist as an alt (most likely my main alt come OB/live) and am really enjoying it as well. I’m planning on spec’in for CC to be the pinnacle of annoyance in pvp.

    From the Psion’s I’ve ran into the in the holy lands with my Paladin a 1v1 fight is pretty dull, I can’t get at them to hurt thwm and they don’t really damage me enough to make a difference. I had a 1v1 the other day that webnt on for about 7 minutes with neither of us doing anything significant to the other, I eventually just left because it was literally going nowhere. Having a decent Psion in you’re party will be a huge advantage in group pvp.

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  7. Spectral Assassin: Creates a mirror image of the target, which then attacks the target. Can only be damaged by the target and the assassin gets stronger every second it remains alive.


    I don’t remember getting this on my Empire Pscionist. Is this League only?

  8. Ever since I got the Mental Twin, with careful pulls, I’ve been able to cruise through bad guys untouched. I only really have problems with multiple mobs or if I’m way outgunned. Normal critters one level higher than me are no problem. Elites are still dangerous to solo, but I can handle ones the same level as me… unless they are in a “raid” instance like the Orhzak fort… or whatever that’s called. For some reason, those guys hit *really* hard.

    I’m really loving the Psionicist for soloing. I’m not sure how I’ll do with it in groups, but I can see the tools for some great DPS/CC play there.

  9. Aye… I spotted this class early on and thought “oooooooh, this is unique” … its challenging and that makes it unlikely to be a “all the dorks play this” class (you know… the ones who ask “which is the best class” and play a paladin when they no clue on how one actually might act).

    Hard, different, and shoos idiots off — looks like a win.

    We’ll see if they screw it up.

  10. Sounds very similar to the Psionicist class in Vanguard SoH. This was my wife’s favorite class in any MMO. Glad to see someone else pickedup on this type of class.

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