7 comments on “So, this is the company you ST:O players want to support?

  1. Yup they are a horror of a company and its why I’ll never buy an MMO from them.

    Funcom are just as bad but The Secret World may have me going back on my word after AoC

    • Sad thing is I am not sure if Funcom is as bad. AoC was a nightmare release but the put out a bunch of content releases and never charged for them. They had a dearth of content at level cap but did the right thing and filled it in with large patches that added new zones but they did not charge for them.

      Cryptic, on the other hand, had little content at the level cap either but is charging for the first major patch that adds content. Just a sad state of affairs from a piss-poor company.

      As bad as Funcom can be at times, I will take them over Cryptic any day of the week.

  2. Fortunately for me, I suppose, Cryptic has two games with concepts I couldn’t care less about – Superheros and Star Trek.

    After Champions, I’m surprised anyone has any faith in them to deliver with ST:O, I really am.

  3. Luckily I didn’t buy into Champions or ST:O. Having played CoH (City of Heroes) I pretty much knew what to expect from Champions and decided to skip it, and given the revues I’ve read from bloggers/reviewers whose opinions I trust I’m glad I did. Now after hearing about how Cryptic handled the Champions launch and this announcement about paying for an additional zone (do they call it an adventure pack?) even if I was really interested in playing ST:O (love the shows, meh about the games) I wouldn’t play because of how Cryptic is choosing to run their business.

  4. Cryptic as a company isn’t bad, and CoH was a perfectly good game. The problem is the combo of Emmert and Roper leading the company. Emmert has a “vision” that results in refusing to listen to player feedback, and Roper seems dtermined to apply the Hellgate:London business model to everything. Don’t hate the company, hate the execs.

    • The problem with that logic is, for all intents and purposes, the execs are the company. From a customer standpoint, it is the exact same thing. It doesn’t really matter whether it is the entire company or a couple of highly placed executives the results, for the customer, is the same.

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