5 comments on “Guess what? If you expect Allods to be completely free….it’s not.

  1. Thats the thing all those little things add up and often can accumulate to more than a monthly sub. I think perhaps if they had a premium service like a monthly sub then it would be better and would have more people interested.

    Some people like the idea of cash shops where they get to choose how much they spend others like myself dont. I’d rather everyone got the same experience and the game was played on a level playing field.

    It probably comes down to the fact Im very competitive and hey if someone is more skilled than me I can take it but if someone has an advantage just because he spent $30 instead of $15 then its a no go for me.

    I guess thats why I play subscription based games exclusively

  2. This is from keens blog

    ‘There was a definite swing towards the cash shop in this patch. I’m not going to lie and say it means nothing either. The ever-so-slight drift scares the crap out of me. They changed the treasure chest system to be 1 per day instead of being able to get a treasure chest from each zone thus making it more enticing to buy chests from the shop (remember, random items in them). They improved the usefulness of stat potions (buffs you can buy from the cash shop), made “perfume” more important, and just overall made it more enticing for people to spend money. Does any of this break the game? No, it really doesn’t. The perfume changes have me really wondering though, but I feel too ignorant about it to really comment one way or another.’

    Easing it in gently I say 😉

  3. Savvy games have both a sub option and item shops/microtransaction systems. Puzzle Pirates does it on different servers, Wizard 101 does it for everyone (meaning sometimes players can’t go where their friends go… but you can switch servers on a whim), and DDO also does it for everyone.

    I’m partial to the item shop/microtransaction system (especially the Puzzle Pirates dual currency economy), but I’m notoriously careful with my cash. That they also offer a sub is great for those who want it.

    A company that only does one or the other necessarily limits their audience. *shrug*

    • …and of course, I love the Guild Wars model best. Buy once and play forever.

      Still, I agree with the post, and I don’t mind in the least giving guys who do good work money for their efforts. I just want to do it on my terms.

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