5 comments on “Now writing for the Novograd Times

  1. It looks good so far. I’m pretty sure the Psion is my class of choice, though I’ll play a Gibberling version. I’ve found that careful play with my Seer in CB let me handle most 1v1 fights in PvE without even being touched. Multiple mobs are trouble, and elites are bad news, but equal level critters aren’t a threat. I haven’t tried PvP, but I suspect they will be annoying there when on the other team.

  2. Knowing how much you dig the Soviet/German style of the Empire, I have a little something you might want to investigate in one of your future articles.

    During the early closed Russian betas Soviet style was much more obvious and authentic. Here is a mod which tries to bring back its awesomeness: http://ui9.ru/forum/redalert/topic/108

    And then they changed all the red stars to upside down versions of this http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/9th_SS_Panzer_Division_Hohenstaufen

    Most people who played back in the early betas are now really pissed off :>

    Anyway, if decorative mods won’t be sabotaged by Nival completely one can hope to see a whole scene of artworks adding e.g. Roman or US flavors to the game. Maybe you will be the first writer to embrace it 😉

    • That’s very interesting. I’ve read that there was also a distinct Nazi undertone that has been toned down. On the one hand, I can understand not wanting to offend, but on the other, it does a disservice to history and the memory of those who lived it to simply ignore it.

      One of the things I like about Allods Online is the Russian flavor. While I’m not a fan of all of Russia’s history, I’m happy to see them doing their own thing, and I really like some of Russia’s architecture and design sensibilities.

    • Thanks, I have not seen yours but I will take a look at it. I am still working on Part II, I hope to have it up this weekend. I am trying to slow it down a bit because so much of the Ruby trees are not finalized yet. I hope the talent calculator is updated soon, it is nearly useless now, it is so outdated and incomplete.

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