15 comments on “Interview with Kate Olmstead and Miss Sadie from gPotato

  1. 4. Some of the rumors about Perfume effect say that it is possible to get a buff that reduces DoT effects to 20 seconds between “ticks”. Is this correct? It seems that that would vastly reduce the effectivness of Summoners. Is the 20 seconds rumor true or is it a mistranslation?

    It’s more of a misunderstanding than a mistranslation. As of right now, the Perfumes are only affecting two spells: Icy Grave and Hypnosis. Perfumes will have no effect on a Summoner’s DoTs.

    (Thoughts: Best news so far! Another mark against the Gloom and Doomers)

    You failed in your follow up opinion about “another mark against the gloom and doomers.” She never answered the question whether there is a 20 second tick between icy grave and hypnosis, she danced around it and as a online gaming journalist you accepted the answer as is if she said no. Your in for a real shock cause the EU cash shop after being tested proved they do in fact have a significant tick between those 2 spells!

    • There is no “tick” between those spells. They are not damage spells, so no “tick”. Perfume simply lessens the CC time of the spell. Considering Hypnosis lasts up to two minutes, a decrease in time is okay.

    • Lol. It is obvious you commented on here just to cause trouble. Your initial comment was totally inaccurate, considering that you had no idea that Hypnosis and Icy Grave had no “ticks”. After I pointed this out to you, you now come back and completely change your argument.

      I am not going to argue with you further. Good day, sir.

  2. “11. Has there been any thought at all to a possible “Premium” subscription based server?
    Honestly, no, we have not given thought to this as it is our goal and our business model to offer subscriptionless games, for life. A player will never have to pay money to enjoy all that the game has to offer and we would like to keep it this way.

    (Thoughts: I assumed this but I sure would like to see a Premium Sub server. Disappointing but expected.)”

    i agree with the gm on this i hate having to spend real money on a game that is free to play its so rediculous and its a money scam in my opinion…honestly if its free to play you should have to buy stuff with real money to alter a look or give you character a advantage…KILL ALL CASH SHOPS….besides that this is will writen article it be better if you kept your thoughts out of it or when putting you thought down be more than one senrtence >.> i hope that wasnt mean

    • Uhm, if they do not have a cash shop, how do they generate revenue? You know the developers have to eat and pay rent and stuff? Yes? How do you expect the company that made the game to continue to exist if they make no money on the product they create?

      • Of course they have to make money. It’s how they go about making that money that bothers me, though. They continue to tell us that you will never have to spend money to fully experience the game. Which is a blatant lie in terms of this game. As a journalist you should be pressing the hard issues instead of dancing around fan-club topics that no one really worries about. You let her play you on a few different occasions. Stop letting her PR department outsmart you.

      • Oh, where to start.

        First, I am not a “game journalist”. I am a blogger. I make no money doing this. Every post on this blog is an opinion, which I have made abundantly clear. I make no money on this, so I do not have to follow “journalistic ethics”, whatever those may be.

        Secondly, what Kate said is not a lie. You can play Allods Online and be effective and never, ever touch the cash shop. Cash shop might make it a bit easier but not enormously so.

        The biggest thing I hear people gripe about is Perfume. The funny thing is, Perfume can be obtained in the Cash shop, from quests and from the AH. On the Russian client there is tons of Perfume available on the Auction House and most of it is priced reasonably.

        So, if you do not want to buy Perfume with real world money, hop on the AH and buy a stack of it with in-game gold. Not that hard a concept to grasp, really.

  3. Meh, people who whine about the cash shop tend to argue from a bizarre notion that subs are somehow morally superior, completely ignoring the realities of the business model and its specific aspects. It’s not unlike those who whine about gold sellers killing the game while they buy it quietly on the sly.

    Good article, B. I tried to send Kate some questions back between CB2 and CB3, but she mustn’t have caught them (or they were all unanswerable). It’s good to see some questions answered. Thanks

  4. Let’s leave the complaints about how terrible the cash shop is for until after live release, shall we? Pretty silly seeing whine after whine about it when it’s not even in the game at all yet, nevermind any tweaks or balancing for it.

    Bottomline, there WILL be items that are attractive to be bought from the cash shop – and there is nothing wrong with that, as a game of this scope does need to generate revenue, and a lot of it.

  5. “Of course! Everyone on the team is an avid gamer and we play everything from MMOs to RTSs, rhythm games to first-person shooters, and fighting games to platformers. We’ve pretty much got all our bases covered. The current favorites in the office are Street Fighter 4, Smash Brothers, and Rock Band.

    (Thoughts: What? No MMOs? Come on!!)”

    They did mention they liked MMOs, but they just don’t play MMOs in the office. It’s common for MMO studios to not allow this because it just takes up too much time. Most game companies are completely ok with employees playing casual and short duration games during lunch and breaks. Rock Band is a ton of fun to play in an office – so are competitive group games like Smash Bro’s. They probably get enough MMO’n in while testing Allods and getting it ready for launch 🙂
    Unless of course you were being sarcastic who knows 😛

    Anyway great interview, very informative! See you in Allods.

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