20 comments on “gPotato Drops the Ball. Badly. Adventures in the Allods Cash Shop

  1. My money is on this being changed. The prices are so large that they seem almost like a joke. I would consider paying $20 for a say 40 slot bag, that would be +22 slots but no way is +6 slots worth that kind of money.
    I had already purchased a $50 game card in anticipation (I guess I put too much stock into what the Russian CS had shown us), but I won’t be spending it on anything until we get some kind of word back from gpotatoe. My money is on it being a mistake. Teh fact that last night teh forums came up, and tehn went back down almost immediately just screams “holy cow huge mistake” to me. I think your right that someone should have made some kind of post about this by now, but their could be factors that don’t allow them to post anything yet. They may have to contact Astrum Nival before they announce anything.
    Right now I’m in the camp of wait it out and see how they treat it. I do agree with you that, the fate of this incredible game rests on how they handle the CS situation.

    • One would think, Werit. If you look at the prices, all the way down the line, it looks like they simply tacked an extra zero on the end of everything. That sounds like it could be a simple coding error and, if so, everything is cool.

      But, if it is a mistake, why not make a post about it? Why leave us dangling? This is a PR nightmare and if it was simply that someone had a mistype while coding, then you would think they would let us know quickly.

      • Maybe because they are trying to figure out what happened.

        To me it looks like a mistake. I’m willing to hear them out on it. If this is intentional, well… that really is a blunder of significant proportion. I’ll still play the game, mind, just not spend money on it.

        Still, that the prices are an order of magnitude off suggests to me that it’s a goof, not a gouge.

  2. Add my voice as another disappointed Allods supporter. I will gladly financially support the game, I won’t be taken to the bank with grossly overpriced overinflated items that aren’t even close to being worth what is being charged.

  3. I LOVE this game… I DESPISE gpotato’s business ethics and me and my entire guild of 50 are no longer going to be a part of this until prices go WAY down. Seriously, people, do you think we’re all morons???

  4. I’m seriously insulted and angry about this, I was really starting to have plans for this game but they are gone. These prices are not even in the ballpark of what I am condsidering of paying….and yes I do plan to spend atleast $10-15 a month and now you get NONE!

    Also, how much do you think they are even going to drop the prices if they do fix it? $5 for 6 bag slots is still to much….just total bs.

    I’ll be playing WOW again and actually happy because I know I’m not getting ripped off playing a free game…..lol the irony of it.

    • Meh, I won’t go back to WoW. I imagine I will re-up Darkfall or maybe give Age of Conan a shot. But that is only if they do not drop the prices and I am unable to play and enjoy the game without the CS.

  5. i still have age of conan in the wrapper, i preordered it and never even played it that is definitely an option i never thought of lol

  6. Me and my guild, we moved to this game just recently. We formed over MMORPG.com, banded people from different games together with common goals and this seemed like a perfect place… And then BAM! The Cash Shop opens its doors, like a bloody private club. We oficially give it a week to change and are going to bail out otherwise. Shame on you, gpotato, that was the only F2P I was willing to spend money on.

  7. It smells like a goof to me… but what if the goof isn’t in the prices, but the number of gPotato currency… things that you get for your money?

      • Yeah, it would be the same thing in the end, but my point is that finding the error in the system might not be as simple as a moved decimal point in a single spreadsheet.

        But yes, it needs to be addressed. If they are sticking to the higher prices, well, they shouldn’t be surprised by the reaction.

  8. I have to lawl cause I tried ot tell everyone the prices were gonna be expensive but no one listened. Ive been playing games at GP since they first started with nothing more than Flyff and a really crappy website. They charge $75 just for a flying mount in flyff and you think these prices is a mistake somehow?

    lol, I laughed at someone in the threads during CB2 who said, and I quote: “Perfumes will be no more than $5 for a month supply” I told him that if he thinks hes getting perfumes that cheap good luck, itll cost you more towards $10-15! He responded by saying, “well Ill see you back here in the forums to tell you i told you so.” I eagerly accepted that but now I no longer see him there, wonder if he went back to WoW? LOL

    Now you see why a lot of us were complaining about Perfumes as a need to buy to enjoy portions of the game. Looks a bit different now when the prices are outrageous isnt it? Like I said, theres no mistake in the prices in the cash shop, thats the prices set as intentional! If they can sell a flying mount in Flyff for $75 what makes you think they made a mistake on the prices for Allods?

    I also want to point out that the GMs have been going to bat for us with management, at the end of the day their boss/management has the final say and they should be the ones held responsible NOT the GMs!

    Welcome to the Gloom and Doomers Club Brannagar.

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  10. I’d rather Allods be a subscription based game. Im really liking it but this is just retarded and no official response is worrying me.

  11. Signed and posted. I am officially boycotting the cash shop until they get a clue. And the one thing I was waiting to buy was a damn bag. Someone is on crack over there. I’ve also posted another blog article saying that the CS is now on my banned list.

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