5 comments on “Is There Anything Better Than Character Customization?

  1. I love customization so much I’ve often called for removal of classes entirely, in favor of a system where what you do is completely up to how you build your character. It really is what makes games tick for me. Of course, that also means I like cheap or free respecs, since I experiment so much.

    Games like Final Fantasy Tactics, where you have customization options on a whole team of characters who can change class and use cross-class skills, well, those are sweet, sweet fudge for me.

    I’ll be playing a weird spec in Allods, too, I suspect. I’m playing a Psionicist, too, but I’m not a PvP nut. No, I’m one of those terrible anarchists; a soloist. I’m using the stun/control suite as well as I can to solo as much as possible. It’s just icing on the cake that it will be a decent build for PvP or grouping if I get around to it.

  2. I agree whole heartedly character customization is far and away the thing I love most about mmo’s, and like you said Allod’s system is one of the best I’ve played with. My two mains are Paladin and Summoner, I seem to gravitate towards hybrid healer classes (shaman in WoW, Captain in LoTRO, etc). I like the fact that as a Paladin you can main tank, off-tank, main heal (with the right support/build), off heal and mêlée DPS (2 flavors of DPS- Light or magic damage and physical damage). Planning on making my Paladin a light dps/off healer, and even with that in mind their are about 3-4 different viable ways I could build my Paladin. It all depends on which style I like better, I love that kid of flexibility!

    Glad to see you defected to the League side of the game, and that you hooked up with us in HFG. Hopefully this cash shop pricing debacle will be cleared up soon and we can get back to enjoying the game.

    • I’m still enjoying it just fine. I did in the beta, and I do now, without ever buying a thing in the shop. *shrug*

      • Oh, I still love the game. Absolutely love it. I will not stop playing, unless I find that I can not compete without CS items and the CS remains the same price-wise. Otherwise, I will continue playing and enjoying the game.

        But, ultimately, that is bad for gPotato. I am a huge supporter of Allods Online, one who had every intention of spending money in the CS. If I do not spend money, even with my desire to support the game, then what does that say about the average player? One who may have been on the fence about spending on the CS? If I will not spend money, no way they do and ultimately the game will suffer because of it.

      • Agreed, this is a significant issue, and their PR wonks need to handle it well.

        This also gives prejudiced guys like Keen or Syncaine more ammo complaining about the microtransaction model. (Never mind that it’s the execution, not the model.)

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