10 comments on “What I wouldn’t give….

  1. You will not find a perfect game unless you make it… and then there will be those *other* players who screw things up.

    You just have to find one where the but isn’t backbreaking.

    …and yes, offering a sub server would be a great idea. Alternate sub options work for Puzzle Pirates, DDO and W101. They could adjust their server population according to demand. What a strange capitalistic notion.

  2. Agreed. I would *prefer* that Allods be subscription based. It just avoids all the problems of the cash shop and would allow the gameplay to be completely untouched.

  3. I hadn’t followed Allods Online very much, only reading about it here from time to time. I didn’t have a lot invested in it, but I was totally floored when I read what the crooks at gPotato are charging players in the Cash Shop. That is just un-freaking-believable. I’m sorry that the game has been ruined by this for you Bran. I’m sure you won’t be the only one feeling this way.

    I am worried, however, that this will become the norm for MMO’s, especially if gPotato succeeds with their endeavor. It will only give other developers the “well, if they can, we can” attitude. That will be the day I stop playing MMO’s. It’s ridiculous. Hopefully, this game will fail in a spectacular and public fashion that will warn other developers of what they can expect if they try something as close to open highway robbery as this.

    I hope you don’t take offense when I say that I wish them nothing but financial ruin for pulling this crap.

    • The funny thing is that Blizzard is arriving at a similar end destination with their “value added services” on top of a sub. Gouging is still gouging. Thing is, they took the time to boil the frog, rather than toss it into a boiling pot. There’s a significant difference in how the frog reacts.

  4. In honesty I really do feel for you brannagar, Ardwulf made a point that people shouldnt invest so much into a game until its given the ‘all clear’ but I just think the company has really put a knife in your backs. Still this whole situation could turn around after a couple of months (or less) if people vote with their wallets.

    On the other side of things people may actually be crazy enough to pay the ammount they are asking for, if thats the case then the whole industry would be in trouble. Lets give it a while to settle down and see what comes up after the storm has moved on.

  5. I could have sworn i posted earlier…

    Anyway, yeah the prices are higher than in russia (go figure), but i don’t think they’re awful.

    $20 for a big bag is worth it, I bought one and that’s like 1.5 months of a sub based game. I don’t think i would spend as much on perfumes and such for sure, but for permanent items i think it is.

  6. @Office Jerk
    while I agree that $20 would be a reasonable price to pay for a permanent bag increase if the increase was a significant one. However shelling out $20 and only getting an increase in your inventory of 6 is beyond mind boggling to me, $5 is spot on $10 is within the realm of possibility but $20 is just way over the top in my opinion. I know that if the price point on just the bag would have been $5, I would have bought 2 possibly 3 bags for my main and alts, but as it stands now I won’t buy 1. I can understand charging more for permanent items, but the amount charged should at least be reasonable. Sell 1 bag at $20 to 10 out of a 100 people and make $200 or charge $5 and sell bags to 50 of 100 to make $250 which makes more sense?

    We do see eye to eye on lower prices of day to day items like perfumes/potions etc. These are the bread and butter of the cash shop and should be cheap enough to make everyone feel like buying them is a worth it. A reasonable price point for perfumes in my opinion is around 10 cents/perfume ($2/20 stack). Spend $10 a month on perfumes and get 50 hours worth of perfumed game play a month, as it stands now for 50 hours you’d be paying $66.25 a month. I’m sure I’m not the only one that would have spend my $10 on perfume and then spent another $10 or so on other convenience items.

      • The ratio is probably a little more skewed to the you/us side in this case rather than the Office Jerk side.

        I think this whole CS problem boils down to gpotato under estimating the game and not paying attention to the kind of players they were attracting. They priced the game based on the trends they saw with their other f2p games. Allods however drew the attention of a completely different sect of mmo gamer, the p2p player.

        Typically f2p games make their money on 10%-ish of the population (I think gpotato even said they have a 88/11/1 model. i.e. 88% dont pay anything, 11% pay a little, and 1% pay a lot), this would explain the insane prices in the CS currently. What they failed to realize though is that the p2p gamer has no problem (for the most part) with paying to support their gaming habit. Essentially gpotato took the lazy/easy way out of their market research and priced themselves out of the realm of reallity for 90% of the people the game had attracted. It would have been very easy for them to set up a survery of the CB community to see what type of games they were coming from and see what kind of prices they would be willing to pay. Instead they chose to go the easy route and are now dealing with the consequences of their actions.

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