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  1. while I’ve cursed on the boards and other than cursing 1 time at someone who deserved it for basically telling me if im not willing to spend my money i should play guild wars I’ve been rather civil. Its not the GMs fault or the volunteer’s fault so why harrass them? It gets nothing accomplished.

    My cursing pretty much just comes down to the usual holy ***** sort of comments and not flaming. I guess those threads are getting locked away because I’ve seen little of it except when people come in with poor attitudes and tell us that we have no right to complain because its a F2P game and it snot required when … if anyone bothers to read..it is quite obvious it is mandatory to spend the cash.

    I’m willing to spend the cash just not at absorbant outragous prices that make no economical sense. There’s not a limit on resources or any of the other economical checks and balances that call for a single 6 slot addition to cost 20 dollars. What makes it worse though is the fact the only quest in the game to get that bag instead of paying is so ridiculously hard you could reach lvl 40 without ever seeing even 1 of the multiple item drops you need to make it.

    If Gpotato / Astral Nivum would just come out and make the change fast instead of letting a few weeks pass I think most of the damage could be repaired. If they wait like Cryptic did…or continue to act like nothing is wrong like SOE / Lucas Arts did … well … it will never recover.

  2. I whole-heartedly agree.
    I will be the first to admit that I may have been taken “to a bad place” by the CS/FoD/Update-News…not as bad as some others, but still bad enough that I actually feel i have to “make it up” somehow.
    That is why I have, since my “soul-searching” last night, been trying to go back to my more helpful, optimistic self.
    Though, I still will not log into the game servers until I am sure they truly intend to address our concerns in a positice manner which is fair not only to Gpot/AN, but also to the players that are their true fans, and lifesblood.
    To be totally honest though…I didn’t get as “vocal” as I really wanted to get, thank goodness.
    If I had…well, I think I would either have had to leave the community, or permanently disguise myself out of pure shame.
    It’s just that this game has more potential than I have seen in a game, whether it be F2P or P2P, than any other i have seen in quite a very long time. And, the community was/is just as promising.
    So, here is to hoping that Gpot/AN will keep to what they have said since the beginning…”This game was built around the cash-shop. At no time will any player feel it required to purchase anything from the cash-shop.”.
    This is my only hope.
    And, if I have truly hurt any feelings, or offended anyone during this very long, and trying weekend…I apologive, most sincerely.
    Here is to the game…Allods!

  3. Hmm, I suspect that no matter what happens in Allods there will always be a core of bitter vets.

    I hope people learn from this but unfortunately the people who call the shots are not the people fielding the angry fans. To be honest the CS staff at gPotato should just quit, it wasn’t a great job to start with and they didn’t sign up for this.

    I’m very sorry for anyone trying to calm this situation down and will have huge respect for any who weather the storm with their sanity intact.

  4. Agreed; what an awful position for those folks to be in. I’m sure their expectations for the forums were in-line with the expectations for the game, which certainly wasn’t this mess.

  5. Stabs bring up an intersting scenario. What kind of a message would that send gpotato if their whole support staff wrote a nice long letter about how they have handled the current situation (I can’t imagine that any of them like the direction the game is headed if they are being honest about it) and then just up and quit. I’m sure this could never happen in a million years, but I wonder how long it would take for them to make some changes if the developers/people in charge were having to deal with all the angry people on the forums. My guess is it probably wouldn’t be that long.

    It’s sad and completely uncalled for that people are treating the CM’s and GM’s this way (I read a few death threats which is WAY over the top), but some backlash from the community should be expected. The GM’s expecially are the face of the game at the moment, and they were hired to be. They have little room to get to bent out of shape in my opinion. they knew this was a part of the job (I assume) when they signed on. The CM’s are the ones really getting the short end of the stick. These are people who volunteer their time to help out with a game they truly enjoy (I hesitate to say love) and now that the game is in turmoil they are getting it from both sides. They are going through the same thoughts/emotions as we are as players, plus they have to deal with all the hate on the forums. It’s admirable that they are still performing their CM duties, I’m sure they feel like a full time job at this point.

    I think as long as they make some kind of announcement within the week the player fall out won’t be too bad and could be repaired over time. If they leave the community in limbo for another 2 weeks or more though then they can kiss a large portion of the fan base goodbye (if they are still here at all).

  6. Death threats? Really? Over a freaking game? I think people need to take a step back and breathe. It’s a GAME. If you don’t like it… move on. That will send the best possible message to these jerks that think they can rob the North American gamer blind.

    What’s sad, is that I’ve already seen some fanboi’s capitulating and admitting that they’d be willing to pay the extortionists that are gPotato. Personally, and I don’t mean to antagonize anyone by saying this, I hope this game dies a spectacular and messy death. Just to show the rest of the developers that this sort of gouging will NOT be tolerated.

  7. Was there any proof of these so called death threats? Its funny how we in the community are held up to a higher standard than those who are helping GP run their game and boards. While I dont think its fair of SOME of the community to be threatening anyone despite their position, I do not think its wise to be taking GP reps word as if it was spun in gold either!

    I remember one night Ashkir was carrying on about how bad the zone chat was. He made it sound like every second of zone chat was nothing but racial slurs, cursing, and everything else under the sun.

    Being curious I jumped into the game cause I had never seen anything like what he mentioned before. And sure enough the worst thing I caught in my 4.5 hours of Zone chat was more about someone flexing their epeen. On the whole there were a lot of people asking questions and answering them, as well as your standard “omg the prices in CS are out of control!”

    So lets not take GP reps word as if its the truth cause lets face it Ashkir himself would throw his own body in front of a bus to protect GP if he could! Im not saying some of those things didnt happen, but lets not get all crazy and start saying the entire community as a whole in game was out of control cause thats just not the truth!

    Better watch whose word you take as gold at GP, they are a business, they will say ANYTHING to ensure they get us to buy, buy, buy, period!

  8. ‘What’s sad, is that I’ve already seen some fanboi’s capitulating and admitting that they’d be willing to pay the extortionists that are gPotato. Personally, and I don’t mean to antagonize anyone by saying this, I hope this game dies a spectacular and messy death. Just to show the rest of the developers that this sort of gouging will NOT be tolerated.’

    Agreed, however if the Devs say sorry and reduce prices will all be forgotten? Will the people who paid $20 for a bag get a refund? Interesting. $20 could buy you 20 Darkfall trial accounts 🙂

    • Oh, I’m sure that the people that shelled out $20 for the bag will not be getting a refund and they don’t deserve one in my opinion. If they were fool enough to buy one then they deserve to overpay for it. I think the old saying is that “A fool and his money are soon parted” and I think it aptly fits this situation. (Granted calling someone a fool for how they choose to spend their money might make me foolish in the process, but I stand by it!)

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