17 comments on “Allods Price Changes Arrive.

  1. Nice one, looking forward to seeing your Mortal Online impressions.

    As for the Allods Cash shop, gotta agree with you they still look steep, on face value it looks like much better value due to the vast reduction in original price but I think for items such as perfumes which will be needed quite alot should still be a bit cheaper. interesting to see how it progresses and who spends what.

  2. Very smooth bait and switch.

    Starting at ludicrous and dropping to exorbitant seems to have left the players happy. Had they just gone straight to exorbitant to start with no doubt we would have got the same reaction, the boycotts and the outrage aimed at this lower price point.

    P T Barnum is alive and well and residing in Russia.

    • Again, I am not sure at this point. I leveled to level cap in beta and never spent a dime. Perfume may be fairly easily obtained in game, at this point, we just do not know. It may be completely feasible to play at endgame and never pay more than $15 or $20 bucks a month, we just do not know.

      When all is said and done, I have had more fun just leveling in Allods than I have had in almost any MMO since the early days in WoW. I certainly have had more fun leveling in Allods than I did at any point in WAR, AoC or in the WotLK endgame. That makes it worth it, even if the endgame gets ruined by the Cash Shop. I had fun and didn’t spend a dime. It is certainly the least I have ever spent in an MMO and had fun.

      If I have to quit because I can not feel I can compete in Allods without an exorbitant expenditure in the Cash Shop, then I will do so with no regrets about my time spent in Allods. Tons of fun for no money. I just can’t beat that.

      If, on the other hand, I am able to spend my $15-$20 bucks a month in Allods and still compete, then I am truly happy. We just do not know if that is possible but we will soon.

      Either way, I win.

      • I guess this is where we differ I value my time and if I was forced to leave a game which I had invested effort and many hours into then I wouldnt be happy. Still each to their own I guess.

      • I enjoy the journey as much as the destination, if it is done well. And it is in Allods. It is done extremely well. IF, and that is a big IF, I can not compete at endgame, then I will just think of Allods as a single player game that has an ending. Somewhat like a console game that you never play again after you finish it. I enjoyed, I finished it, I am done.

        Hopefully, I will be able to compete just fine and continue on with Allods. We will see in a few weeks, until then I will just enjoy what the game has to offer right now.

      • I cannot stress enough how important this philosophical shift is. If you’re enjoying the journey, it’s not about the stuff, the cash shop, time investment or return on investment (loot, levels, etc.). If you’re having fun playing, that’s great! If you stop having fun, move on. Simple enough.

      • yeah but as said above you would have to take into consideration the reasons for you moving on on whether you could establish if it is a waste of your time. Over and above all of that its down to personal opinion, what I see as a waste of my time others could see as an enjoyable journey…. if I get cut short on a destination due to no fault of my own then I get pissed.

      • But that’s being annoyed about the future, not the past. That’s the distinction, and why the philosophy of “enjoy the journey, not the destination” is key. If you’re playing to get somewhere, instead of playing to have fun with the going, yes, things that get in the way will be annoying. No disagreement there, I’m just pointing out the difference in mindset, and how enjoying the journey makes it easy to cut and run when things go bad.

        Yes, if you’re all about the destination, devs that get in the way should be denied Twinkies. And then walloped with newspapers. Or something.

      • Pitrelli, that’s not valuing your time, it’s valuing what you have in the game. If you valued your time, and you had fun, you’d not have any regrets walking away, except perhaps for the loss of potential to have more fun.

      • Disagree tesh it is valuing my time, enjoyable or not it would be a waste of my time if I was forced to leave due to pricing and not for other reasons i.e gameplay.

      • Oh, sure, you can be annoyed that you can’t keep playing the way you have, but that’s being concerned about time in the future. Time sunk is gone. If it wasn’t fun, the future can’t help that. If it was fun, but the future won’t be, leave and be thankful for the fun you had.

  3. Question. Are the “Runes” whatever they are, priced at $4000 like Syncaine says in his latest post? If so, that’s a bit ridiculous, no?

  4. While kudos is given to GP for listening, lets not forget the bigger hand clap goes to the staunch community who held to their guns and made sure the news was spread far and wide so that every eye would see! If it wasnt for that community then GP would have not budged on those prices, I know, Ive been playing their games since the conception of the company!

    And to those who shunned us for stepping up and taking a stand I say to you….Enjoy the lower prices WE made happen!

    But, the battle is far from over, while we did get a affordable version of the CS, it will be patches v1.6 and 1.7 that will ensure we buy twice as much as we would now. These patches are coming but we as a community can still rise up and demand GP have them reworked or we will stop any funding to the CS till they are.
    When it comes to change, money is all these companies know and if your willing to take that stand again, I assure you that we will have these patches reworked to be not only fair for us, but allow the companies to make a decent living.

    Its time we stop acting like drug addicts and acting more like frugal consumers who get the most bang out of our buck!

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