3 comments on “A Possible Foray into Hyboria

  1. Hey Brannagar,
    As you may know, I recently reviewed and played Aoc in Dec/Jan. I can give you my feed back on my experiences.

    1. What server? For PvP and having a Mature population. After reading the forums I found it was a toss up between ‘Cimmeria’ (RP PVP server) and ‘Tyranny’. Both servers are very active. Your choices for servers is pretty short now, they recently merged a ton of servers.

    US Servers
    Set (PvE)
    * Damballah
    * Bardisattva
    * Dagoth
    * Derketo
    * Hanuman
    Wiccana (PvE)
    * Mannanan
    * Ajujo
    * Thog
    * Zug
    * Omm
    Gwahlur (PvE – Oceaninc)
    Tyranny (PvP)
    * Scourge
    * Bluesteel
    * Stormrage
    * Deathwhisper
    * Doomsayer
    * Shadowblade
    Cimmeria (PvP-RP)
    * Bane
    Bloodspire (PvP – Oceanic) – merged on 7th January 2009)
    * Hyperborea

    * Denotes servers that have been merged under a parent server.

    2. How does open PvP work? I do not really see any factions, so is it a free-for-all?
    Yes, PVP is a free-for-all, the combat system is odd at best. I didn’t like it for PVP with my class. With the directional arrows (live combat system) you have combos that need to be triggered by hitting the coresponding directional key, diagonal left, right, and up. It’s a great little thing, but the combos can’t be done on the move, your character has to stop running /moving to finish the combo. (Doesn’t work well in PVP)

    3. What classes are under-represented and in-demand at endgame? I enjoy most class types, though I prefer physical DPS over magic DPS. Other than that, I can play healer, DPS or tank.
    I don’t know what the most ‘under played’ toons are in the game, but I can tell you what the most over played classes are. IE: Barbarians, HOX (Herald of Xoiti[sic]), Sins, Necros.

    4. I would like a class that can PvP and is wanted/needed in Raids and instances.
    Go with a POM- Preist of Mitra They are awsome.

    5. Are the raids and instances WoW-like? Meaning are they more than just tank-and-spank? Aion really disappointed me with its boss fights as did WAR.
    Don’t know about any Instances or raids. I leveled to 30 w/o a single group up. Just got really bored in that level range as the ‘open world’ (I use that term extremely lightly) didn’t hold a lot of players to PVP against, and the quests I found were miles of foot-t0-foot traveling.

    6. Since I am getting into the game fairly late, how difficult will it be to find a group for low level content? Are there low level instances?
    Read above statement, but yes it will be hard to find groups for low level content. IE: instances/dungeons.

    7. Are there PvP “battlegrounds” and how do they work? How often do they “pop”?
    Yes, they are nice looking too!! Only problem is they take for ever to pop and when you do get into one, it’s TWINK central. See from my experience in AOC, I was in a 3 tier guild, meaning they had 2 citys built and 2 sister guild for recruiting lower levels. All any of the level cap players did was to roll twinks for the ‘White sands’ (see my blog for info here) PVP braket and the 39, 49, and 59 PVP brackets.

    8. Are there any UI mods that make the UI easier to use or that are needed for raiding/PvP?
    Any good guide sites out there to aid with speccing a character?
    Yes there are. AoCWiki (Google this)
    Ask Kalanthes (spec builder) http://www.askkalanthes.com/featPlaner

    9. Finally, sieging looks really interesting to me, how does sieging work? How often do they happen on PvP-servers as compared to PvE-Servers?
    Once again, I don’t know. I never really heard much about it. Although it sounds like it could be fun.

    So yeah, let me know if you try it out. I might give it a months time if you wanted to try it out with a fellow blogger? I have a level 30 HOX on Chimmeria.

    My total clocked played time is just over 55 hours, but thats not acurate because I don’t always log into Xfire and Raptr. Anyways hoped that helped a bit, if you need more links or info hit me up at the blog/email.

  2. ooooooh I’d jump in and give conan a bash if you havent played it, specifically since you can pick it up on the cheap these days.

    My advice is roll a ranger. I played a Ranger and loved it! the various archery moves really did impress me even at relatively low level (40), I have to admit I might have still been playing Conan if it wasnt for the memory dump problem and the insane lag in certain areas.

    So yeah I’d give it a try or at least a trial even if its only for trying out the starting area (Tortage) its a very interesting beast with both MMO (day mode) and single player (night mode), it helps add to the story and makes your character feel alot more involved than other starting areas.

    Do it! You know you wanna

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