10 comments on “A Very Short Initial Impression of AoC.

  1. Im not surprised AoC has probably the coolest and most indepth starting areas in any MMO, the voice acting etc just really sucks you into it all…… unfortunately it goes downhill after that. Just a warning in case you thought it would continue in that vein.

    • You know the voice acting was one of the things that I enjoyed the least tonight. Not because it was bad, it was actually well done, but because it just does not “feel” right in an MMO. Less cut-scenes and more action is fine by me. I really enjoyed the game so far and I will be putting up impressions later tonight.

      • I highly enjoyed the voice acting precisely because it was a break from the norm and also meant I didnt have to read the quest text alot of the time haha I remember as soon as I left tortage I went up to a questgiver and was like “WTF?! This guy is bugged he aint tellin me what to do”

        Anyway looking forward to your impressions in general. Do they still have the option for elite areas/instanced zones for when grouped?

  2. For the record, I am a HUGE fan of the written Conan (Robert E. Howard, L. Sprague de Camp and Lin Carter). I hated the movies however, thinking them a cheap bastardization of the official canon created by the above three authors. I was really excited to finally see an MMO based on my favorite childhood series of books and was totally blown away by the game in the beginning. The first 20 levels to be exact. That basically encompasses your time on Tortage, the “beginning” area of the game. After that, like Pitrelli says, it goes down hill from there. My biggest beef was that gear seemed an afterthought and just really didn’t matter. I quickly grew bored with the game and left, after maybe two months? It’s the fastest I’ve ever dropped a game. I really wanted to love it, but in the end, I just couldn’t.

    • Informational point: Apparently they had a patch awhile back that completely changed how gear works and it is now much more important than it was. From what I understand gear in AoC is now nearly as important as it is in WoW. If that was your biggest beef, may want to give it a try again.

      • the problem with the gear was it was complete gobblediegook and you didnt know what half the stats actually did or meant, as you say I believe the stats have been given more of a WoW flavour making it easy to distinguish what you need and what is an upgrade. Seriously I had a pair of shoulders with about 12 different stats on them at one point

  3. My Initial response to Aoc was AMAZING also, but right after you get out of ‘Tortage City’ the player base and quests just seem to evaporate.

    It’s a desolate country that Hyboria is, and wait till the white sands quests. 🙂 So much fun. What server did you roll on?

    Have fun!

  4. AoC in tortage was/is amazing, sadly it’s when you leave tortage that the game starts to show it’s true colors. If the rest of the game had continued what Tortage started I’d happily still be playing. Tortage though is the best started zone experience I’ve had in an mmo to date.

  5. I’ll second Rybnik’s statement. Absolutely the best starter zone of any MMO I’ve played. Almost brought back that “first time” feeling I had when my newbie half-elf avatar first spawned in Surefall Glade (?) in the original EQ. It’s funny, I still remember that as if it were yesterday.

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