2 comments on “Well, this is certainly a different way to do it….

  1. Ageed, I had to rub my eyes with some of the things he came out with (basically hung, drawn and quartered fellow professionals) but did he actually say anything which was untrue? probably not.

    Its refreshing to see someone speak openly for once and I for one hope they can get some success from it. The 100% refund thing is unreal, I dont think I’ve heard of that happening before. Im gonna petition to get my Aion money back 😉

  2. Very interesting development. After reading Smart’s post I’ll at least root for them. I will most likely still never play the game, but it’s nice to see him address the issues so candidly. I can no longer blindly hate the game like I could before. I’ll give Smart a chance and see where he takes the game, and hope that he delivers on the de-WoW-fication he promised.

    I agree with you that currently the game borders very closely on plagarism. Guess we will have to wait and see if their attempt to correct themselves isn’t too little too late.

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