4 comments on “Impressions of Age of Conan

  1. bah I wish I hadnt played from the start and was just jumping in. I has improved a hell of alot (I sneaked on last free time give away) but I just dont wanna give Funcom any more money after they bent me over and shafted me on release.

    Im eagre to see what you make of the guild ‘housing’ and resource/pvp area

    • You know, just about every MMO bends you over at release. WAR, AoC, Aion, hell even WoW did. I don’t know if you played WoW at release but it was horrible. Horrible lag, loot lag, servers going down, incomplete endgame…WoW had it all. If you held the release against every MMO developer, there would be almost no MMOs you would play! 🙂

      Funny thing is, Funcom seems to have an uncanny ability to release games completely broken but, also, to make those games into pretty good games after awhile. Anarchy Online was like that as well, horrible release but it ended up to be a pretty damn good MMO. AoC is looking like that as well. It has certainly improved faster than WAR has, though both have improved quite a bit.

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  3. I was cleaning the other day, and came across my AoC. Ya know Tortage was awesome, but when I got to the game itself, it just didn’t have what I was looking for.

    Though I got to say I loved the necromancer class, I felt the only true Necro class out there with an army of undead.

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