8 comments on “Cimmeria. I am home.

  1. Hey Brann,

    What server are you on, and what level are you?

    I tried Warhammer, but I dunno. I’m feeling stuck in this MMO-ish ‘Bermuda triangle’ where I’m just not happy/satisfied with anything. Even thinking about going back to Wow, for familiarity sake.

    I’d be willing to go back to Aoc if I had a bud to play with, but the same goes for Wow. I dunno. Let me know, maybe I’ll give it another shot.

    • I am on the Cimmerian server, character name Vigbjorn. I am currently level 22, almost 23. I got into a good guild that has been a lot of help but, alas, they mostly outlevel me.

      Would love to level with you, if you retake the plunge!

  2. urgh the graphics are stunning 🙂 I used to just wander about looking at various stuff. You will have to take a screen shot of the famous haha i kid you not, he is based in a kind of egyptian zone if I remember right. I think its the zone with the pyramid instance….. I wonder if they finished that yet.

  3. Greets.

    Nice blog. Glad to see someone actually wishes to blog about Age of Conan. I did for the longest time but gave up after so many strikes on behalf of Funcom. Needed to talk with my wallet. Luckily it looks like they may be coming around though.

    I will be returning once the expansion hits, as I do miss the game. I will just read your blog until it is time.

    Hopefully you will add my blog to your blogroll also (added you)…


    • Thanks for the kind words. I am really enjoying the game so far. I do not know what the game was like at release but I know it is good now. At least so far.

      You have been added to my blog roll! Thanks for adding me.

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