3 comments on “Further AoC Impressions: The UI, Quests and PvP!

  1. Its interesting what you said about AoE heals requiring you to position yourself carefully.
    The combat mechanic in AoC sounds really good, its just I’m put off by all the bad rep its received after you leave Tortage.

    • I, too, went into AoC prepared for failure. I have been pleasantly surprised. Very surprised as a matter of fact. The combat is truly invigorating compared to the tried and true “WoW-formula” and the graphics are simply amazing.

      I would suggest you download the free trial Chappo and give it a shot. I think you might find it worth your time!

    • I actually hate tortage. Lol maybe because I’ve been through 5-6 times but it has it’s times of epicness. And after tortage it’s still very exciting and fun, just no voice overs.

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