24 comments on “Has a MMO finally beaten WoW’s Hunter Pet System?

  1. This looks like it handily trumps the growth mechanics of WoW pets… but for me, one significant strength of WoW Hunters is that you can tame a huge variety of critters. Now, if you combine the two, say, let players tame any critter in the wild, then train it to be a combat pet or a mount, well… that would be awesome. (I’d also want multiple pet/mount stables, like Hunters get…)

    • Yeah, I would agree with that. Who knows, maybe they will add more pet types into the game? Now that they have the basic system in place, it may not be a difficult thing to do.

  2. I dunno, from my experience of ‘mounts’ in AoC I wouldnt get too excited. I had a Rhino mount which was slow as hell and only good for seiges which ummm didnt really happen.

    Still the tiger looks cool as fook.

    • Well, the Rhino is only supposed to be used for sieging, same with the Mammoth. Sieges are happening now as well, so thats all good. The tiger mount can stealth. Yeah. That is awesome!

  3. I really like the idea of growing a pet along side my character. On the suface it looks much more fun than WoW’s hunter pets. Growing the pet alongside you and watching it progress from pup to killer wolf would be a blast. I do wonder just how customizable the pets abilities (if they have more than a few) will be. That’s what makes WoW hunter pets slightly more appealing to me. You can customize your pet in a lot of different ways. Tank, DPS, buffer are all possible for your pet depening on pet type, and this allows you to customize how you play your character.

    I do have to say I think I’d almost always choose combat pet over a mount, there are other mounts avaliable but to my knowledge their are no other combat pets. The only way I would keep it a mount is if I was playing a necro and I already had enough pets to juggle.

    • From what I have read, it is pretty customizable. I know you can choose to give your tiger mount a stealth ability that will put you both in stealth. I assume that your tiger can stealth as a pet as well. Hopefully, they will put a few customization options in for you to tweak and make your pet your own.

      I agree, I think I would rather have the pet over the mount. I believe I am going to have the wolf pet and the tiger mount. You can have both the tiger and wolf but I do not think you can have each be the mount or the pet.

  4. Ok, this has gotten too far! Stop it! LOL!

    I now have my buddy who plays AION with me asking me questions about AOC (I sent him the link to the video you posted earlier) and he ALMOST sounds like he might be interested in giving it a shot!

    Sooooo… he says he’s going to look into it a little bit and let me know. So we might actually give AION a month long break and give AOC a shot.

    Damn you Bran….

    • haha. My devious and ingenious plan worked!!

      Seriously though, are you going to be playing the NA client? If so, you guys should roll on Cimmeria so we can level together!

  5. Yo man, some how we ended up doing the same thing. I played Allods and about to quit…(the cash didnt bother me but seeing so many patches revolve around it and not fixing the sound effects for my PSI !!)

    Anyway, Im getting a game card after work I’ll look you up. I love pvp but i hear Set and Wiccana have the largest population.

    • Yeah, I have heard the same thing about Wiccana. I tried Wiccana and it was slightly higher pop than Cimmeria but not enough to make a huge difference. PvE servers bore me pretty quickly though, so Cimmeria was how I went.

      Definetly look me up in game. Character name is Vigbjorn! Have you played AoC before or are you as new as I am?

  6. hey, dont forget you can have the tiger as a mount AND the wolf as a pet, or vice versa, so your bear shaman can ride into battle on his wolf with his trusty tiger at his side, or ride into battle on his tiger with his trusty wolf at his side

  7. I just came back to this game from Dec 08 on the Wiccana server. WOW is all i can say, its pretty sad people arent giving this game another chance. Im shocked at how good the game is.

    Ill keep a eye on your blog, thanks !

    • Yeah. I kinda do. They had a bad launch, no doubt, but they have really done a good job since then. They may have just learned their lesson. Nothing like losing 600,00 out 800,000 subs just a few months after launch to knock some sense into you. 🙂

      • The thing is a large portion of those 600,000 will not return and no matter how much polish they do to it they wont resub. Out of all the recent launches I’ve been a part of AoC was the very very worst.

        I say this because Tortage was extremely well done however once leaving that area it really was a shit storm and it seemed highly underhanded of them to hide behind the starting area claiming they were ready for release when clearly it had been forced out the door due to money.

        Broken quests, unfinished instances (i kid you not), memory leaks, horrendous lag in certain places, lack of quests, area instancing broken and lack of personal story line all led to the downfall of AoC over its opening 6 months. For the record as well I didnt just stay a tourist month I stayed for about 4 months and saw little to no improvement.

        So yes the game has no doubt improved but come on its had a fair amount of time to do that. You of all people should understand this after your scathing articles regarding Cryptic. Sorry but Im one of those who got burned badly at launch and I refuse to pay funcom money, I’ll possibly pop in on free weekends etc but this ship has sailed for me.

      • Oh, believe me I understand that. I don’t expect them to get half those people back. They may get a few and, in fact, already have but probably no where near what they sold. Same goes for WAR. I think they will probably get a few people back with RotGS and the population will stabilize enough that they are profitable with it and not much more.

        Sad, because had they released in the state it is in now, they would have kept a substantial portion of those initial subs. Oh well, hopefully they learned their lesson.

        By the way, Pitrelli aren’t you one of those looking forward to Secret World? If so, how are you approaching it considering Funcom’s track record?

      • Good question, I am indeed interested in the Secret World. However again I cant trust funcom because they are in my opinion a buch of devious b$£%^&*s.

        They announced they are short of funding already and tried to get people to sign up for 3 months of conan to get into the Secret World beta……… hmm no thanks.

        I’ll be doing what I should have done with conan and wait for a good few months (or a year ;)in AoCs case ) before I jump in. I’ll have cataclysm to contend with however so a lot of my gaming will be decided by blizzard on what they deliver WoW wise.

      • Understandable. At this point I am not that interested in Secret World. Mainly because I have really not paid much attention to it. This may change as release gets closer. I will probably get into the beta, as I am sure I will still be playing Conan at that time, so I will check it out then.

        I can tell you exactly what Blizzard will deliver with the new expansion. More highly polished content that is so watered down as to be almost unrecognizable from vanilla-WoW. New instances where everyone can sit in whatever new capitol city is the popular one for this expansion and endlessly queue for whatever instance they like, with people they won’t know or get to know. More PvP-in-a-box Arenas and cross-server battlegrounds. Fighting against and with people you will probably never fight against or with again.

        Simply put, more MMO as a chat room and a mini-game lobby game-play, combined with instances that are sure to be totally easy-mode so that everyone can get their rightful welfare epics.

        No challenge. No server community. No trace of what made WoW great, except for the polish.

        There is nothing left of vanilla-WoW now and it will be even worse after they rape the old content to make it even more like WotLK. Gone are the glory days of a server community in which you knew everybody. You knew everybody because you fight with or against them constantly. You did instances with them, you raided with them and you fought alongside them, against people you knew, in the battlegrounds. Cross-server killed all that. It is mostly strangers now and all the big rivalries are dead and gone. Never to return.

        The more I think about it, the more mad I get. They took everything but the polish away from WoW. I can still remember tons of names of players from Vanilla-WoW. You know who I can remember from my last stint in WotLK? A few of my guildmates. That’s about it. The rest of the server was too busy queueing from Dalaran, so that they could get a PuG to whatever instance they wanted, maybe venturing out into the world at large on occasions to do dailies.

        I still don’t know what I am more mad about; the watering down of the content to make everything easy and insure that everyone got their epics, or the murdering of a world that used to feel so busy and a community that had actual rivalries and alliances. Both are now gone.

        And so am I.

      • agree with most except for ‘Fighting against and with people you will probably never fight against or with again.’ with rated battle grounds I’ll be expecting a greater emphasis on guild pvp etc. Arena blizzard have admitted to is and always will be designed for the select few. I also know for a fact World pvp will explode and be alot more frequent than it already is.

        I actually think Cataclysm gives them the chance to redo zones and give them a better story arc rather than the old boring questlines… if this happens is another matter.

        Whilst WoW in its current and future format doesnt appeal to everyone I do think it suits me down to a T and means I can have a life outside of gaming and not feel pressured into falling behind. Also the fact new zones are getting redone will mean people will want to explore these areas rather than camp in a city. Different opinions I guess *shrug*

  8. I almost downloaded this game the other night as well. As a Hunter main in WoW, this might just be the tipping point. I have a week off next month and this is tempting…

    • Do it. It is worth it. A really fun game and Funcom has (dare I say it?) polished the hell out of it. I’m having tons of fun but I really need some folks to level with!

  9. Well said Bran. For the life of me I can’t see what keeps the sheeple (present company excluded of course!) playing WoW, except maybe . Even those that play it talk about how bad it is, but still play it, I’m guessing because of the perceived notion of there being nothing out there worth playing. I think I’d rather play nothing than play Wow.

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