3 comments on “No, I have not quit, died or otherwise stopped playing games….but I have been defeated by the Bear Shaman!

  1. The prob with AOC is the complex melee combo system Funcom uses. Yes in PVE you will do just fine with every class, no doubt. Venture into PVP and you fall behind from getting locked down in you’re combos. I was somewhat successful in PVP with my HOX (Herald of XOTI) but just found the PVP unsatisfying.

    The most popular classes for PVP are: Pom, Barb, and Hox, and the 2 sorc classes seem to do well.

    Looking forward to your new decision and experience in a new class.

  2. I’ve returned to AoC and have had similar experiences with melee classes.

    The combo system is very engaging but also brutally punishing for new people in pvp. I posted this elsewhere:

    “They have been quite clever in making two distinct systems that demand different talents.

    First is a tab target hotkey driven system for the casters. This is nothing new which is actually a good thing because this game has to sell to people who don’t want to have to re-learn how to drive.

    Second is a complex melee system that rewards players who master it.

    At first you have to look at your keyboard a lot while needing to remain in base to base contact with an opponent. For example I have my directional keys on 1,2,3 and my combo starters on 4,5,6,7,8,9 and my movement keys on WASD. (This is default). I did try to remap to something where key binds were physically nearer but my brain exploded at the challenge of relearning after years of WASD.

    So to play the character as a noob I move to my target, possibly starting a combo as I move in, glance at my combo to see what arrow is needed, glance at my keyboard to see where my 1 key is, press 1 and hope that my opponent hasn’t moved. It’s fine in pve but frustrating in pvp.

    What good players do is use the WASD to move and mouse to face, firing off combos and directional keys because they can remember the buttons relative to where their left hand rests on the WASD (or better yet ESDF) keys. So they are always looking where the opponent is and adjusting facing and movement to maintain position.

    On top of that people use programmable keyboards or mice to press 5 buttons at once and fire off a slew of very short duration damage boosters just before hitting their combo finisher.

    It is not a terrible system. Those who can rock their little socks and those who can’t play casters.”

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