7 comments on “A Journey to a Decision

  1. ‘He pulls off the “stealth” thing better than the WoW Rogue and without feeling like a “cheap” class as the Rogue does with his stun-locks’

    Spoken like a true WoW hunter haha I can taste the bitterness 😉

    Good write up of the classes you not fancy playing a barb?

    The one thing I hated about AoC was the combo system and pvp it just made you look stupid if the guy ran away hence why I rolled a Ranger (who get some sweet moves later on). Hmm im seriously thinking about a month or so return before Cataclysm. Stop these posts damn it!

    • Are you kidding? Back in TBC and especially pre-TBC, hunters owned rogues in WoW. I never had any problems with rogues on my hunter, even in WotLK. Now, it was a different story when I leveled a shaman! 🙂 And btw, you know you wanna try AoC again! You KNOW you wanna! 🙂

      • Its more a principle thing mate as I did for the best part enjoy my time in hyboria, I have told myself I’ll return for the odd free weekend but I dont want to give them my money since they are due me £80 😉

  2. I’m patiently waiting to see which class you end up with!

    I started out my time in AoC as a Dark templar, and really enjoyed the class (AoE life leeches are great fun) but lost interest in him around lvl 55 or so and switched over to a HoX, which I loved! Despite the squishiness you described I experienced very little down side to the HoX class. It would for sure be the class I’d be playing today if I were still in Hyboria.

  3. The bear shaman is indeed quite complex. After you get your first character to 50 you’re allowed to make another character immediately at level 50, so I took advantage of that feature after I unlocked it with my Priest of Mitra and rolled a BS. Probably not the best choice, considering how complicated it is with managing your melee combos and heals at the same time. It’s a lot to take in at once, especially considering the skills you have by the time you hit 50. I’m still working on learning it all.

  4. I thought that the Tempest of Set might be for me, but you’re completely right – I just can’t get through the really boring first bit. It’s like “alright, hit four and bring down some lightning. Wait for the cool down – maybe throw in a little melee – and do it again.”

    Right now, I’m alternating between a Barbarian and Herald. They’re both crazy fun (melee finishers FTW), and I’m having a hard time deciding which one should be my main. Thank you for the advice you threw up about the HoX – I’ll look at my feats better in the future.

    Also, I had heard some really terrible things about rangers, but your happy words have convinced me that I should try them out sometime, too.

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