2 comments on “The best laid plans, a wrench and all that….

  1. Hmm the PvP was one of the most disappointing things for me in AoC, it just felt far too fidly for melee orientated classes and easy for casters/ rangers.

    I’ve been playing WAR on the sly for a little while I should really reroll a witch hunter as the gobo squig herder doesnt have me logging on enough.

  2. Hi Brannagar. After last night’s write-up about giving AOC a second chance, I was wondering if you could help me out.

    Are there resources that’d give me indications to see what has changed in AOC since launch? I played the game for the first two weeks it was out but then left, and now, after the discussion between pitrelli and openedge, I’m tempted to come back and try it… eventually.


    Also, can you change the name of my blog on your blogroll from Stillwater to Games and Geekery? 🙂


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