8 comments on “Weapons of WAR (and AoC and WoW and any other MMO I can think of to play!!)

  1. I have been looking for a new setup as well. Torn between getting the G15 + N52 or the Merc. One thing I really like is the led screen so I can see who is on Ventrillo ( I am terrible for putting names to voices). As for my mouse, I have a G9 mouse and I can highly reccomend it. Just can’t decide on a keyboard, dammit!

    • I would recommend the Merc over the G15. G15 is just another keyboard, except for that LCD screen. Buy the Merc and get a Vent overlay for your ventrilo problems.

  2. I have the g15 and the N52te. I was looking into the Naga but the buttons felt too small for my thumb.

  3. I’ve just got my standard keyb and mouse plus a sparkly N52te, I must say though I quite fancy this keyboard. I’d obviously have to get the ‘glowy’ version of it lol

  4. Brannager which class are you playing in aoc when you use Naga?
    I play a Ranger and have trouble with sudden moves etc which was a lot easier on my Intellimouse Explorer v3.

    Also around the thumb the buttons seems to get in my way when moving (no place to place the thumb)

  5. Wow, thank you for this. I was thinking about getting a serious gaming keyboard, and this review has really inspired me. What did yours run you?

    I’m primarily an AoC player, and it looks like those additional buttons on the left would be perfect for melee. How has that worked out?

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