4 comments on “Finally an Expansion Done Right!

  1. This is spot on.

    Raising the level cap means you are replacing content, not expanding it.

    I would point out though that Eve, by virtue of not having levels, always produces Expansions that expand the content rather than obsoleting parts of it.

  2. Here, Here

    This expansion was a “God” send for Funcom (see what I did there?).

    Now, if people would get out of this “I was a launch player, and the game only deserves that one time to convince me to like it” crap state of mind.

    I have my copies (for the whole family) and plan to return come the end of June. Can’t wait.


  3. “This is what Godslayer does for AoC. Yeah, you have the alternate advancement thingy for further advancing your character but it does not invalidate the older content at all. People are still doing it as well as the newer stuff.”

    This is the key point; they were able to avoid raising the limit cap because they included AA. RPGs are about character advancement, be it through levels, skills, or gear. Be truthful and ask yourself if the majority of the player base would continue playing if none of the following was added:

    1. Better Loot
    2. More levels
    3. Alternative Advancement

    By avoiding 1 and 2, they are able to keep the current content relevant for now. Without 3, though, you’d just have some new zones added with similar loot, and when people hit the endgame cap (no more progression, no more loot), what do they do? They quit. Look no further than WoW right now – expansion duldrums have hit (I’m on haitus, myself) and people are tired.

    Even FFXI, who has been using this formula for years, finally caved and is increasing the level cap in an upcoming update. Of course in their previous expansions they generally included something I missed above – new jobs. That worked in FFXI because you didn’t have to “re-roll” to play that class.

    This is a one-trick pony, though, for AoC I’m afraid.

  4. Well I have to say its refreshing to see someone think up their own direction with regards to expansions and I quite like the idea of an expansion that doesnt increase the cap but then I’m reminded of how fun it is levelling up in the new areas and indeed the gear resets (which I like). One way or another you will outlevel older content i.e. new raids will have better gear making raiding older dungeons irrelevant.

    As for Black Temple and the sunwell being unused I’d disagree even on my low population realm we have a good few level 60 only and level 70 only guilds who raid frequently. I’ve even started organising some of the old vanilla and TBC raids in trade chat to go through on my level 80 paladin, its not for the gear or anything its purely to have a look at the things I’d missed. It may take the shine off it because Im ‘above’ the specified level but still its just good to see the content and hey Black Temple and the sunwell can still be a challenge if you dont have enough members or skilled players.

    So yeah Im happy with how Blizzard phase in their expansions with added levels the only thing I can criticise is the frequency of them. I do however I think it comes down to preferences on how the individual likes to progress. I’ve found recently Im just much more of a ‘leveller’ than endgame raider, with one look at Cataclysm I think its a bit of both i.e. sideways and upwards.

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