One comment on “Of PvP: WoW and AoC.

  1. Ooooh a whole post on little ol’ me 😉

    I think perhaps my perference of WoW is indeed the combat feels more fluid and responsive as you point out. With AoC i felt almost rooted when trying to play out a ‘combo’ move but hey it might just be I cant adapt my playstyle *shrug*.

    Again perhaps my perception that there are not as many stun affects isnt entirely true but again comes down to the fact I find AoC a clumsy game to try and PvP in, I just dont feel excitement when in combat with another player as Im concentrating on which directional arrow to push next. Now I’m not gonna totally shoot down the combat system, if people like it and it works for them then thats great, but to me it reminds me of a dance mat game and I’d rather have a faster and more responsive system in place.

    Without doubt the biggest problem for me AoC has in regards to PvP is anyone is fair game. On my short return only a month or so ago I was attacking players without meaning to then in return getting into a battle. I dont know the pvp just felt pointless with no real faction, alliegences or penalties.

    So yeah I probably made a few mistakes in my statements before and maybe even some above, end of the day I played it for a few months on release and then returned for a month recently and the combat was just as forgetable for my playstyle.

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