7 comments on “Global Agenda Review

  1. Nice review! You’ve convinced me to download it myself to try it out. Looking forward to seeing your pvp video!

    • It is certainly worth trying. I would even suggest buying it, at $29 and no monthly fee, it is a steal in my opinion. Even if you only play it occasionally, you will get your money’s worth pretty quick!

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  3. I’m glad you like GA. There’s a lot more crap (and some good stuff) in the game than there was before the massive “Sandstorm” patch. The game had better merc PvP before Sandstorm–which is surprising considering how apparently balanced PvP can seem even these days.

    I know a bit about GA–I’ve put 400 hours into it and at one point I was a top 10 medic worldwide playing merc PvP.

    GA’s PvE is a joke, though. I have played every difficulty of it my fair share of times and never have I seen enemies flank me. The most complicated bosses are less complicated than plenty of WoW raids 9at least that I’ve read about–I don’t play WoW). Increased difficulty in GA PvE amounts to longer maps with more spawns of tougher enemies–the AI is uniformly one-dimensional and pretty lame. Once you learn the limited number of tricks it has and grow accustomed to fighting the limited number of enemies that exist, you’ll be bored to tears.

    Unfortunately, they’ve implemented a significantly longer grind for gear and removed a lot of the choice that existed in speccing with the introduction of Sandstorm. They removed the “device point” system which allowed for trading the power of one weapon or offhand for more power in another. You only had a certain number of device points to spread over your devices, so you had to make tough decisions about what to boost and what to leave weak. They removed that and added a loot system, and with it comes a long grind to get epic armors and weapons from random drops. This replaced the “earn credits and pay for upgrades”-style of pre-Sandstorm GA which generally involved far less randomness.

    With all this said, GA is still my favorite shooter. I just play Merc PvP and enjoy myself on my level 30+ characters (I have one of every class now, I think). GA does a lot of things halfway or wrong, but it really nailed PvP, at least for me, and for that I’ll keep playing it.

    If you want someone to queue for PvP with, my name’s evizaer in-game. I’d be happy to answer any of your questions about the game, as well.

    • The PvE mobs flanking me may have just been an illusion with how the combat was going at the time, I am not sure. Truthfully, I am still so taken with the combat system that I might miss all the problems that may exist with the AI. The combat is so much fun and so different than your average MMO game.

  4. The Mercenary PvP no-premades set-up might lure be back in. I tried out the game’s free demo a while back, and wasn’t that impressed – but I’ve been hearing that Sandstorm changed some things up.

    • It is refreshing to play a “battleground” type PvP match and have a good match-up every time. While premades can be fun, they are only fun for the winning side. They are demoralizing for the losing side, especially if you get stuck in a loop where you fight premade, after premade, after premade. That was one of my biggest turn-offs with AoC’s PvP mini-games.

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