9 comments on “Half Measures, Full Measures, Rift and Guild Wars 2

  1. Good post.

    I was recently discussing guild wars 2 with my gaming friends and one of them actually highlighted the fact that he doesn’t like the thought of dynamic events and would prefer the old quest system. I guess it will come down to individual preference and whether or not the core audience embrace them.

    I for one need a new direction for gaming and was impressed to an extent with both wars public quests and rifts ummm rifts. I guess I’ll find out about dynamic events when or if I get a hands on in beta.

  2. I’m just happy someone is trying something so new. I’ve played many Quest Hub MMOs, and they were fun, but I’d really like to try something different now, and ArenaNet is delivering that.

    The press beta was this past weekend, and reading reviews and watching videos, it seems like everyone is super excited about this game. It sounds like ANet’s full measures will pay off and deliver an MMO that feels fun, alive, and puts the M(ultiplayer) back in MMO.

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  4. please explain – “threw out quests altogether” .
    in the videos i’ve watched it looks to me like everyone is still questing.

    • Basically there are no quest hubs as we know them from other MMOs. Everything is done through dynamic events, much different from what we have seen before.

      • so no backtracking to turn in quests? bah, that’s not hardcore! they’re just dumbing the game down for casuals!
        /sarcasm off

        where do i sign up? oh, right, i already have. 🙂

  5. They are working on smaller dynamic events that resemble quests but are not present all the time like in a hub system.

    It would be better to say they replaced questing with large and small-scale dynamic events, rather than say they threw out questing. They seem, however, to have thrown out questing “as we know it.”

  6. Pretty sure that if you put Rift at the same timeframe from launch as GW2 is currently, it still had dynamic questing/events. Beta proved quite convincingly that it didn’t work in a PvE environment. Rift still had a stellar beta and probably the best MMO launch in history.

    GW2 is aiming for a different market, maybe things will work out great for them. It’s one heck of a risk putting all your chips on Red though.

    • There is not doubt that the Rifts and the invasions were scaled back prior to launch because they interfered with the quest hubs. Had Trion not had the quest hub system they could have expanded the Rifts and invasions and made them more interesting and ‘world-changing’ but with them they could not.

      ArenaNet got rid of quests for this very reason, so they could make the dynamic events the main event and not just a sideshow. Will it work? We have no idea yet but ArenaNet certainly took a bigger gamble than Trion. We just have to wait to find out if it will pay off.

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