2 comments on “Rift and SWTOR

  1. I agree with you on many of your points you make. On the coding and design side, SWTOR is poor workmanship, where Rift is high quality. Just look at how the Rift rollout / open beta went and compare it to SWTORs.

    However, I want to challenge you on the time it would cost to produce the cut scenes. I am pretty sure, it can be done in parallel to coding and configuration work. Graphic design of a new expansion will certainly take much longer than the voice acting. However, it will add cost. And EA certainly has a reputation as cost cutter extra ordinaire.

    • Cut scenes, with professional voice overs, take longer to produce than just about any MMO content. Just ask Funcom. There is a reason they stopped doing it after level 20 in Age of Conan. It is simply too time consuming and expensive, for very little payoff.

      The voice acting and cut scenes in SW:ToR are even more involved than AoCs were and will take even more time and money. Unfortunately, time is not a commodity that Bioware can afford right now. They are already bleeding subs at an alarming rate and it will only get worse if content is delayed.

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