8 comments on “The Guild Wars 2 Cash Shop: Much Ado About Nothing

  1. My only issue with what we know of the GW2 cash shop is the gambling. The loot bags, the mystic keys. This sort of stuff is cheesy and lame, the province of terrible Asian F2P games. I’m sure it won’t affect gameplay and I’m absolutely sure that I’ll never buy either of them, but I must say I have lost some respect for ArenaNet to see them adopt an idea that should have been left in the gutter where it belongs.

    • I see what you are saying, I just don’t have a problem with it. As I said, ‘a fool and his money are easily parted’. If someone wants to waste money on a random chance to get something that is not really any better than what I can get through normal means….more power to them. It has no effect on me and gives Arena Net easy money to use to further develop the game.

    • Agreed with brannagar, let them make their money how they like so those of us who like our GW free can keep it that way. Also, this concept is not so different from GW1 gambling items. The original was full of pakages, presents, and boxes that opened to give random items. People could get these by investing time, in game currency, or even buying them with real money.

  2. This is kinda like having a problem with casino gamblers who pay taxes on their winnings. Let them spend their money on crap. It just means the state gets more money from them (which ideally is then used to benefit the public–yourself included).

  3. Nice to see you joining in with the GW2 movement. As well the fact you were one of us that got burned in the Allods debacle yet still manages to have a reasonable stance on the Cash Shop in the game.

  4. I will be participating in this weekend’s beta event, then doing my own writeup over at fragsandbeer.wordpress.com Come check us out, and see you all in game.

  5. The people who design these systems are smart. The more accepting people are of it, the more they will bend the design of the game towards the need to pay for something.

    I don’t care so much about a few dollars here and there, but I hate to play a game where the gameplay is twisted around driving you to the store.

    So start “whining” instead of defending this garbage and we’d see less of this crap. Or continue to bend over, paving the way for the rest of us to be screwed.

  6. Fair points, but really could have just stoped in the third paragraph at “Nothing kills my enthusiasm for a game as much as a cash shop”

    All the rest is justification of an issue that has historically worked poorly, in almost every case.

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