4 comments on “Elder Scrolls Online: Its Time to Stop Thinking In Terms of Classes

  1. I personally plan on playing a sword and board assassin to play disruption. Nightblade talents to help stealth and teleport to targets, shield talents to boost defense and stay alive. I’ll wear a mix of medium and heavy armor. No, I won’t be as stealthy or do as much damage as a pure assassin, no I won’t be as survivable as a full heavy armour Templar, but I hope I’ll have a good mix of both worlds.

    I hope to blog about it after the next beta weekend. I didn’t have much time to play the first two.

    • There will be a lot of experimentation needed to find viable builds. Eventually there will be cookie cutter builds, because there will always be cookie cutters. Luckily, there seems to be more than enough customization to satisfy most players.

      • Even City of Heroes had cookie cutter builds, but they weren’t the norm. They were meant for people who wanted to know what worked. My Robots/Poison Mastermind, Ice/Ice Blaster, Willpower/Streetfighting Tanker or even my Warshade were created level by level as I got used to them. The reason cookie-cutters became so mainstream was the tight dps checks / enrage timers in WoW that bred a culture of efficiency and min/maxing. Not being a cookie cutter became a crime, as the raid demanded +2% more dps over personal survivability, utility or convenience.

  2. I’ve been having fun playing my Templar as a stand-off mage with a destruction staff. My surprise favorite is my medium armor, dual-wielding dragonknight. In no way a tank, and a lot more fun that I expected.

    I also tried a melee sorcerer in medium armor using the lightning form while in melee. It works, but is still pretty clunky in the low levels. Once the game launches, I’ll see what I can do as I get higher.

    One of my friends was playing a nightblade in cloth armor and a restoration staff. He wanted to be a healer, but have some of the nightblade skills. More power to him! I might even steal that concept, though I’m leaning more toward a sorcerer using the control line from the class skills as well as the resto-staff. Time will tell.

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