2 comments on “A Couple Reservations About Elder Scrolls Online

  1. I share your concerns over mega servers, while I like the idea on paper, as an RPer, I’m going to miss the atmosphere of people in character. I personally would like to continue my Elder Scrolls tradition of playing a Dunmer devotee of Azura.

    • Apparently, they are going to have a questionnaire when you first log into the game. This is going to cover stuff like playstyle, whether you roleplay etc.. People with similar interests will then have a higher chance to play with like-minded players in each instance of each zone. How well this will work, I do not know.

      I don’t roleplay, though I respect those who do. I have played on many roleplaying servers, however, and I find them to be a more mature populace on average. The main reason I have rolled on RP servers in the past, is simply because I see less stupid names. Nothing irritates me more than a player named Ipwndu or an elf named Legolass. It irritates the hell out of me.

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