One comment on “Faction and Class Choice in Elder Scrolls Online

  1. I’m not terribly fond of any beast race in any game, so the cats and lizards are out for me. I’ve played Morrowind and Skyrim and actually rather like the magically oriented Bretons, but I also don’t have “elf-hate” so I’m not turned off by the Aldmeri Dominion’s elves, either. I’ve never been terribly fond of the Redguards or Nords, though I don’t know why.

    TBH, I haven’t decided what to do. I’ve actually played every race except the Khajit in the beta weekends and really haven’t noticed any differences in how they play, but since the racial bonuses build over time and are percentage based passives, I’m sure they’ll actually mean a lot more in the later game than they do in the very beginning. I fell in love with the idea of a dual-wielding, fire-magic-based Dark Elf Dragonknight during one of the weekends. Bretons are somewhat known in ES lore (I’m told, I’ve never really followed it) as “spellblades” and “magical assassins” so perhaps a Breton Nightblade. I like the idea of an Orc Sorcerer since casters tend toward squishiness, but Orcs get some nice survivability abilities, and I’m kinda digging the idea of a 2H melee sorcerer. And then for Templar, I was thinking that a high elf just somehow suits my concept of the class, so. . . . .probably that. Though time will tell. I’ll have Imperials available, so I’ll want to have one of them somewhere. And since I’m pre-ordering and can pick whatever faction I want regarldess of race, I’ll still probably go with the Daggerfall Covenant anyway since a friend is wanting to play as them, so. . . . .there ya go.

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