2 comments on “ESO’s Monthly Content Patches and Wildstar Gets a Release Date

  1. Wildstar’s never appealed to me, not from the 1st article I ever saw about to, all the way up to the current stuff. No idea why — I don’t see anything about it that sounds bad. Just nothing about it draws me in either. I was the same with WoW — I tried it a couple of times, but it never hooked me.

    As far as ESO goes, I loved Morrowind back in the day, but I never bothered with Olbivion or Skyrim, so telling me a new MMO was set in the ES orld wasn’t a big draw to me. But I got into a beta weekend last November and liked it well enough during the few hours I played it that I ended up buying Skyrim during the Steam Sale. And even though I’ve said to myself “beta characters will be wiped, don’t need to log in this weekend becuz anything I do will be lost” for past beta weekends, I’ve dutifully logged in each of the weekends and while I have mostly just “dinked around” rather than really trying to advance anything, I’ve still just been loving my time in its world. I’m very much looking forward to the full release in a couple more weeks. Pre-ordered and everything.

    No idea why it hooked me either. But it did.

  2. I just stumbled onto Wildstar and finagled a beta key from some website by registering. I will give it a go this weekend(I need to kill time until TESO) and see if it is too colurful as explained by said parties.

    I will turn to logic and illogical means of demographics as well as morphographics. I will search beyond the realms of nakedness and turn over soil like it’s manure. As some people state that people donate money to twitch streamers because they have lost focus on reality and have no clue what the definition of money is.

    Why do people donat money to Twitch streamers? I’ll tell you what I know exactly on the subject. I have no freakin’ idea why people donate to these fools, I mean why these fools donate to these people?

    There is one dude that was streaming live ESO and he was not accepting donations. He was actually pretty cool and had written permission to stream said content as long as he didn’t go above level 17. Turns out, ER from the Tamriel Foundry was so jealous about some measly developer getting a chance to stream live, had to cry, yes cry, like little babies about it.

    I will never involve myself with anything that has to do with these ER punks. They are a bunch of butthurt crying turdskulls. The End!

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