4 comments on “Despite the Buggy Beta Weekend, I Do Have High Hopes for ESO and Here Is Why….

  1. This sort of fight happened a lot in WAR. Usually as people made their way to a keep, a premade group would cut them off. The difference is Cyrodiil is quite a bit bigger, so the zerg takes longer to respond.

    • Yeah, I did see it occasionally in WAR and a few times in GW2 as well. The problem, as you mentioned, is that the area in WAR and GW2 was so small in comparison to Cyrodiil that the zerg could respond in moments. The zerg completely controlled the map in both games due, primarily, to the relatively small map size.

      There were zergs in Dark Age of Camelot, of course, but the Frontier was huge so you could hide from it and work around it. That is one reason why I am excited about ESO AvA. It is the closest replica of DAoC RvR that I have yet seen and, for me, that is a very good thing.

  2. The biggest issue I have with ESO is pretty much the same reason I got bored with GW2 the lack of proper world pvp or open world pvp if you want to call it that. The leveling game/pve side of MMOs is always easy and if you remove the threat of bumping into opposing factions then I just get bored.

    In saying that the Map for pvp does look vast in ESO and will alleviate some of the problems gw2 had with zerging due to that but at the end of the day it remains one zone to pvp in, are there bgs? arena or anything else on the cards? . That map alone isn’t enticing enough for me and i could see myself getting bored like i did in WvW.

    • That is some of the beauty of the ESO PvP map. There are tons of PvE areas within it. During beta I would break away solo from the zerg and go solo. I found PvE caves and dungeons, tons of ruins and towns. All had PvE mobs to fight (which were, in many cases, tougher than the PvE mobs in the PvE zone) and quests associated with them.

      A lot of my small group and solo PvP happened at these PvE spots. The zergs avoid them because there are no real PvP objectives to be found there but there are lots of small groups and solo players doing the PvE content. I ganked so many players who were grinding mobs or doing quests. I joined up with a group and we went around fighting other small groups and the zerg never even came near us. The map is simply huge. Its bigger than all the GW2 WvW maps combined. Almost twice as big as all of them combined, in fact.

      There are no battlegrounds and I am kind of glad there are not. I am so tired of typical battlegrounds. They are the same in Wildstar as they were in WoW, GW2, SWToR and Warhammer. I am just tired of PvP’ing in a small box and don’t even get me started on Arenas.

      I do know that ESO will be getting a “Darkness Falls” type dungeon. Its rumored that the Imperial City in the middle of the Cyrodiil map will be its location. If you never played DAoC, let me tell you that Darkness Falls was just amazing. A PvE dungeon that only one faction at a time could enter. This was determined by who owned the keeps in the Frontier. If your side owned them, they could go in and do the PvE quests and mobs. But if you lost the keeps, the faction that took them could enter. The cool part of DF was that if you lost the keeps, you were not immediately booted out of DF. You could run around and gank the incoming faction or they could do the same to you. You could even log out in DF and log back in and gank even if DF had changed hands two or three times since you logged out.

      The beauty of DF was that not only was it fun but it served a purpose in terms of the realm war as well. The faction that took the keeps would start going into DF and would actually weaken their realm in the main realm war map. This made it easier for the other factions to fight back and take the keeps back. Not only was it fun but it was a balancing mechanism. Simply an inspired design.

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