3 comments on “Apologies to Wildstar Fans But This Looks Horrible.

  1. Having played this weekend I’ve actually become accustomed to the telegraph system. I dont think it should be visible in PvP but I can live with it. It adds a bit of flavor and you can see who the really bad players are. I’m a bit surprised they havent released any more info on Warplots which Wpvp aside I’m most interested in.

    On another note I watched some of the large scale pvp from ESO which looked pretty damn sweet. Still think Im gonna pass tho as the animations looked more alpha than beta/ about to launch. Whats with the weird arched backs? lol . Ach will maybe pick it up after a few months and see if things improve and or people are still playing.

    • Some of the animations in ESO are bland or look funny. The strange backs of characters when they are standing idle with weapons out is a good example. However, that is pretty minor and can be overlooked. In combat you are too busy to even notice it. By contrast, the horrible telegraph spam in Wildstar is pretty much all you see in PvP. It drives me crazy. Besides, I would rather be able to tell the really bad players by the simple fact that they are lying dead in front of me! 😉

  2. Looks like it’s got its own unique style. Reminds me a bit of all the particle effects flying about in a superhero genre type of game. Maybe that’s the sci-fi feel they’re going for.

    Learning to evade most attacks might be a part of their combat, though it also strikes me as potentially very latency sensitive.

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