2 comments on “Stormtalon’s Lair: This ain’t WoW.

  1. Reading about WildStar’s dungeons, the problem I have is not with the level of difficulty; it’s with the mechanics and the pacing. Everquest and DAOC had “difficult” dungeons in that any mob you might meet from the entrance inward was likely capable of wiping a level-appropriate party on its own. Dungeons were often huge and labyrinthine; it was very easy for a full party to get lost, be overwhelmed and wipe, leading to a a second expedition to get back to the same spot just to recover the corpses.

    They were “difficult” in terms of mechanics in that there was a lot of resource management required by both healers and dps (mana, endurance, even ammunition and reagents needed to be used judiciously because they could and often did run out) and in terms of tactics, because almost all fights required a set-up to ensure only as many mobs as the party could handle were in play.

    All of this took place at a pace that allowed conversation not just before the fights but during them. Conversation, that is, in text not over voice chat. The tension and excitement was immense but there was always time to think, to take in what was happening and even to crack a joke or two.

    What those dungeons rarely had were specific mechanics that needed to be countered in a specific way at a specific time. They allowed players to create and develop tactics on the fly, not learn a strict procedure and practice it to perfection. The WildStar method of adding difficulty seems to rely on the much, much faster pace of the modern MMO together with some very strict mechanical requirements and little room for error. That certainly is “difficult” but It doesn’t sound like fun to me.

    In fact, what it sounds like is the exact kind of mechanics that began to be introduced into those old-school MMOs just about the time I began to lose interest in running dungeons there. Not coincidentally, either. I’d really like a new MMO that offered “difficult” dungeons where the difficulty was simply that the mobs were really tough and the dungeons really scary, not that the dance steps were really demanding and the music really fast.

    That said, I haven’t experienced a WildStar dungeon for myself so I am prepared to be proved wrong if I ever try one.

    • Stormtalon’s Lair (I can’t speak to the other dungeons as I have not done them) is certainly not difficult in the way you suggest or want, Bhagpuss. Stormtalon is pretty much a long cavern with a few larger rooms so there is no danger of getting lost. It is difficult in terms of resource management at times, as we had the healer run out of focus a few times during some of the boss fights.

      As a PuG, we developed almost all our tactics and strategies on the fly. During the fight, there was no time to communicate via type as we were all tremendously busy just surviving and doing our jobs. When in a guild group, I would imagine that voice chat would be very important. Healers heals are aimed and not tab-targeted, thus facilitating the need for party members to be in a good position for the healer to target.

      I would love to see more labyrinthine dungeons in Wildstar. UBRS/LBRS and Blackrock Depths were among my favorite dungeons in WoW. I much prefer that style to the long hallway and a couple of rooms of modern MMOs. Hopefully either one of the dungeons in Wildstar are like that or they are going to add one.

      At its heart, Wildstar is an action MMO for all the good and bad that entails. If you don’t like the fast pace of the action style combat, then you are probably not going to enjoy Wildstar. I am tired of tab-target combat, so Wildstar is a nice change of pace but it is not for everyone.

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