4 comments on “ArcheAge Beta Thoughts and Impressions

  1. Hmm looks pretty cool. Graphically it reminds me of rift so quite fitting trion are launching it over here. I’m just on the fence whether or not I’ll play any other MMO other than WoW.

    Have you seen much wpvp?

    • I have not seen much world PvP but I am only level 15 or so and I have not gone out and looked for any. I do know that its everywhere, however. General chat was full of talk about world PvP, both large and small. You can go to the opposite factions continent and PvP over there or you can go to the Northern continent, which is completely contested and a PvP hot spot. In addition, you can go rogue and attack your own faction if you want. This will cause you to gain criminal points, possibly go to jail and, eventually, turn pirate. Once you turn pirate you can’t are open to attack from either side and can’t go into the major cities of either faction. Instead, you have your own “Pirate Island” from which to base your operations.

      I see a bit of Rift in the graphics but it is really more akin to Lord of the Rings with its environmental graphics. It looks phenomenal. There is a bit of blurring for far away mountains and stuff but nothing really bad and the water is absolutely amazing.

      • It’s certainly moved to one to keep an eye on for me. I’ll be waiting to hear more from you

      • One other interesting thing that has arisen from the game mechanics are hidden “illegal” farms. The normal way to have a farm, is to buy a plot of land, place a garden on it and pay taxes on the land, crops and livestock. This makes your home, land, crops and livestock protected. If someone destroys something there or steals it, they get crime points and risk going to jail or going pirate.

        However, there are many people who don’t want to pay taxes, so they find nooks and crannies where they can plant “illegal” gardens. Normally these places are out in the middle of nowhere, back in hidden valleys or dells. The map is absolutely HUGE (bigger than WoW and all its expansions put together from what I have read) so there are a lot of hidden little places like this.

        I have run into a few illegal farms in my exploring, even though I have not played long. The cool thing about illegal farms, is that you can steal and destroy at will and not get crime points. If you find it, its free for the taking. Of course, this assumes that the owner doesn’t show up, flag rogue and kill you.

        Just another cool little aspect of the game that happens because of the freedom allowed in the game.

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