10 comments on “A short, unfortunate return to WoW.

  1. Playing AoC I’m really struck by how like old school WoW it is now. Except the dungeons, those sadly are hallways.

    Do you by any chance remember Daggerfall? Dungeons so big I had to give up on my character as I couldn’t find my way out.

    • Oh yeah, I remember Daggerfall. Great game. Morrowind was just as good. They dropped the ball a bit in Oblivion, in my opinion.

      And, yes, AoC feels a bit like old school WoW, with better graphics and a more sophisticated combat system.

  2. ‘And, yes, AoC feels a bit like old school WoW, with better graphics and a more sophisticated combat system.’

    Graphics – agreed
    Sophisticated combat system – not sure I can agree with you on that, AoC combat is as slow as it comes and simply having to press directional buttons to fire off a move doesnt make it more sophisticated imo. I also didnt come across too many counters etc in AoC which means who spams most buttons wins. Its one of the reasons AoC PvP is pretty shit imo.

    Id pick up on some of your other points like world pvp and servers being dead but not wanting to sound like a WoW fanboi 😉

    Good to see you back anyway 🙂

    • Not sure about the ranger that you played mostly but my conqueror already has two or three different counters at level 24. I have a knockdown, a silence, a shield and I will shortly get a silence as well as an AoE knockdown. Most melee have knockdowns or stuns, as well as silences.

      The combat can seem slow as you work through your combos but the added problem of combo flow, all while maintaining range and remembering that your final chain trigger will cause you to stop dead in your tracks, all add to the sophistication of the combat system. The combat in AoC takes much more skill to master and this is coming from someone who loved (and still loves!) the feel of WoW combat. This is one of the reasons why you regularly see level 45s beat level 58s in AoC and brand new 80s kill geared 80s. The combat system is just much harder to master than WoW.

      • i just feel the combat is far too cumbersome and ‘less skill based’, in WoW the pace is fast and you gain an understanding of the oppositions offensive attacks and use your own abilities to counter that. In AoC I just never got that feeling *shrug*

        With your example of a level 45 killing a 58 I could see that being the case easily specifically if the 45 was a caster and the 58 a melee

      • Actually a well-played melee has an advantage over casters by most accounts. I know I have an easier time with casters than I do with melee. Melee can be nigh on unstoppable if they get to rolling with their combos and get into a groove.

        I saw a level 37 Barbarian absolutely destroy a level 44 Demonologist tonight. He wiped the floor with him. Timed his CC and counters right and the Demonologist just wilted. Was amazing to see.

      • Wanted to add:

        As far as skill based how is AoC less skill based than WoW? That just does not seem possible.

        Both have tons of counters and reactionaries; silences, stuns and knockdowns that need to be applied to have “control” over the battle. Both have a similar casting system.

        But AoC adds the difficulties of learning the combo system and is a more movement oriented game. Learning to land combos while circle-strafing and/or chasing a caster down is much more difficult than anything I experienced in 5+ years of WoW PvP.

        Add in the fact that AoC is not a true tab/target game and that melee hits do have to be aimed to an extent and you have a much more complex system. Furthermore, in AoC different weapons have different effective ranges. Polearms have a longer reach than two-handed swords, which have a longer reach than one-handed swords, which have a longer reach than daggers. WoW has nothing to that extent.

        In AoC I beat Assassins with my Conqueror by staying out of their dagger range while staying close enough to hit them with my sword. All the while I have to go through my combos. There is nothing equivalent to that level of combat in WoW.

  3. Having not played AoC, I can’t speak for the depth of the PvP system, but I do have to chuckle a bit at the notion WoW PvP requires much in terms of skill. Sure, perhaps in Arena matches where each combatant is wearing 1000+ resilience, but general PvP in WoW is typically over before it ever began. Cataclysm looks to fix this problem a bit from what I’ve heard – with larger health pools, it might take me more than 3 seconds to kill a clothie with my hunter (or to die from warlock DoTs).

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