2 comments on “I Can Smell the Desperation….

  1. Yup fully agree, I think the overall problem with cataclysm was it was far too gated and linear. I would be telling lies if I said I didn’t enjoy the first run through however the way it was scripted made making alts boring.

    I’m just awaiting the wow is free to play email……. With the addition of pandas however its unlikely I’ll ever return.

    Still its all good, many interesting mmos on the horizon, and hopefully its onwards and upwards with regards to design. If I’m honest its all or nothing with gw 2, if I don’t click with it I can see me changing hobbies.

  2. In a world where 99% of MMOs go into a tailspin after their first month, it’s a bit disingenuous to accuse Blizzard of “desperation” for an action they take to try to maintain numbers more than SEVEN YEARS after release..

    Are they bleeding? Sure. But if they were in the same boat as every post-WoW MMO they would have been bleeding this bad in January 2005.

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