2 comments on “WAR is a Strange Beast

  1. Contrast that with a game like Atlantica Online. Over a year ago, I wrote in my blog about a sneak peek of future content revealed by the devs at GDC09.


    There was a list of 10 features being worked on that would’ve been enough content for 2-3 expansions in other games. Truthfully, I felt at the time it was probably going to be years before we saw them deliver most of it.

    Today, the patch goes live which will deliver the last 2 and most ambitious items on that list: The Tactical Battle System and Housing.

  2. THANK YOU for mentioning this post. I’ve been venting to myself the past couple weeks (of playing WAR again), about how bad and amateur the coding really feels.
    My first 10 minutes showed me just how bad it was, in the Order starting zone, against those Chaos in the field.
    Can any of them walk in a straight line? For god’s sake, like you said, this is supposed to be an up to date MMO? Are you kidding me?

    People always wonder why WoW keeps coming up, it’s not because WoW is crack, or because it’s the one thing everyone in the world wants. It’s because of piss poor implementation of other MMOs, features, etc.

    By now, this shit should be nearly perfect. If WoW could do it AT release, or shortly thereafter, we should be able to PERFECT this sort of thing with new MMOs.

    Why did Global Agenda fail? AION (in the west), etc etc etc etc (we could go on with failed post-WoW MMOs), it’s because of the buggy, horrid state they are in at launch and somehow it remains in the game. WoW had a rough start, but they got on that shit fast!

    Yes, since we expect a certain level of polish, but are we asking for THAT MUCH? Can a mob just run straight to me? There are countless examples…

    Thanks again!

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