11 comments on “A Most Productive Day

  1. Fook me the scenery is awesome! thanks for sharing

    I just wish this expansion appeared a year ago and I would have given it a bash. Cant deny it looks pretty awesome though.

    Whats the script with the pets that you can turn into mounts? what level can you get those?

  2. Impressive graphics, and it sounds like you’re really enjoying your time there. Too much going on to add it to my plate, but I like reading your updates. 🙂

  3. Glad to see you posting more often now. I am too enjoying watching the growth of a small guild and contributing to it as I can.

    As for Black Castle, I suggest you try it al lvl 34-35, get some blue gear from Connal’s group quests and get another soilder class to off tank just in case..

    Dungeons in AoC are pretty tough if you don’t do them carefully.

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