13 comments on “A Controller to match WoW’s Current Difficulty Rating!

  1. One of the best Paladin players I’ve met played by mapping all his special attacks in a /castrandom to his mouse wheel and just rolling the mouse while he played. He was top dps in our guild by a long way.

    For him at least this controller is too sophisticated.

  2. I chuckled, as well. That’s way too many buttons for rogue PvP; they need just one, right? Stun, stun, stun, stun.

    /wave Pitrelli

  3. From what I’ve heard about current raid mechanics a dance mat might be more appropriate šŸ˜›

  4. I was wondering if Brannagar would take the bait that Pitrelli put up on his blog after getting schooled by Bran on AoC vs. WoW on this blog. LOL.

    I’m always amused at how quickly and predictably Pitrelli will rise to the challenge when someone takes a shot at his beloved WoW. šŸ™‚

    And before you go getting started, Pit, don’t take my comment the wrong way. It’s just an observation, that’s all.

    • i dont see how I was ‘schooled ‘ as you put it, difference of opinion is different than fact šŸ˜‰

      Also you will find every player of any game will defend it if they are playing it, check Brans allods articles for example.

      I dont rise to the bait anymore, Im too used to openedge on twitter……. oh wait he is ignoring me on that now that and the fact I am a critic of WoW myself.

      • This back and forth between Pitrelli and I is all in good fun. I don’t think I ‘schooled’ anyone (though I am right and he is, obviously, wrong. šŸ˜‰ ). I enjoy the back and forth debates that you see on gaming blogs and, frankly, blogs would be fairly boring with out them. Not everyone has the same tastes in control schemes, difficulty, graphics and games, if we did it would be a pretty damn boring place.

        I will point out, however, that I never changed my opinion on Allods Online and to this day I think it is an excellent game. I made my reservations and doubts known about the Cash shop from my very first post about Allods. Unfortunately, my reservations were proven correct and the cash shop murdered what should have been an excellent game. Take the cash shop out of Allods and you have a great game but that, unfortunately, is never going to happen.

      • Indeed, opinions and diversity of them is the spice of life and if it creates got mannered and constructive debate then Im all for it (althought humorous debate and teasing is always a breath of fresh air). I do take the hump getting called a WoW fanboi as I believe I can and do high light things I dont like about WoW.

        For example I like WoWs Combat but I hate that it can be so short i.e. two shotting people. I like both PvE and PvP but dont like how they affect each other by changes blizzard make to classes and builds…. I could go on

        Oh and Im right šŸ˜‰ or alas we will agree to disagree…. again lol

  5. Oh gosh…Ahahahaha! That’s hilarious. I love it!
    “…it even comes with five buttons to place all the brightly-colored, goofy Lucky Charm raid symbols on your raid targets.” Perfect.

    Brannagar and Pitrelli, you two are absolutely hilarious.

    Brannagar, if you ever happen to end up on Tyranny PvP, let me know. I’d love to play my Conqueror with you. I’d also like to talk to you about PvP in this game. I’ve been playing since RotGS, and I think I have the melee system down pretty well. I use keybinds for every maneuver, and I just use a standard mouse and keyboard with no macros.

    Let’s discuss Conqueror tactics?

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